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"Swan's Song, Conclusion": Washington D.C., USA

Quote1 I'm an embarrassment. I feel the need to seek--to find my purpose in all this. And of course, I may get lucky... and whatever that purpose is... it will find me. Until then, your loving brother, Jason. Quote2

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #40 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of April, 2018. It was published on February 14, 2018.

Synopsis for "Swan's Song, Conclusion"

Washington D.C., USA

After finding out her brother is still alive, Diana recalls hitting Silver Swan with all her power, destroying one of her wings. The result was an explosion which knocked Diana unconscious until now, when she woke up, finding Jason. The wound Vanessa inflicted him has healed, and even the scar is disappearing: it seems Diana's healing is another power the two twins share. Still, they need to find out what happened and where Silver Swan is: Diana admits these are the situations where she misses the planning ability of Steve. They decide to go to the hospital where Vanessa was recovered. She does not know that Steve and his team, the Oddfellows, are fighting the Female Furies of Darkseid in Istanbul, protecting a relic that the dark god of Apokolips wants.

Reaching the Garrett Memorial, Jason and Diana witness a massacre, as Silver Swan killed brutally several of the nurses and doctors staying there, before escaping with the purpose of finding Diana. It also seems she cut herself to let her blood enter the computers of the hospital, wiping all data about her treatment: it seems her power is able to do data manipulation almost on par with Cyborg, and this scares Diana. It's also clear that Wonder Woman's theory about the nanobots controlling her in some way could be true: something made Vanessa different in her mind, and not just in her body. Thinking about where Silver Swan could be, Diana understands that she will probably want to hit her where it hurts the most: killing Jason. Using him as bait inside her residence, Diana is successful in finding Silver Swan once again.


Drowning her, Diana is able to stop the effects of the bots, bringing Vanessa back in human form. Getting her to A.R.G.U.S. where Dr. Peril and Dr. Carne can look after her, Diana discovers that Vanessa suffered from trauma-induced schizophrenia, a thing that, combined with the fact she could control the bots with her minds, created the dangerous personality of the Silver Swan. She is now in a coma, inside a capsule that will prevent her from transforming. Dr. Carne and Dr. Stone will take care of her, also trying to get back the data she deleted as now they know the treatment could potentially change lives of many handicapped people. Diana, and A.R.G.U.S., do not realize that behind the facade of Dr. Carne is the criminal Edgar Cizko, better known as Dr. Psycho.

Wonder Woman's Residence, Virginia Coast

Wonder Woman gets back home to find a handwritten letter of Jason, telling her he felt like an embarrassment and a danger to her safety, because he must learn what means to be more than a man with superpowers. He decided he needs to travel alone and make his experiences before coming back, ready to be the hero he wants to be. So, until then, he says farewell to his dear sister. Diana is saddened by this, but understands Jason's opinion. She does not know that before Jason could even make his first step on his new personal path, a mysterious force claimed him, transporting him in an undisclosed location.

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