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"The Dark Gods, Part One": Wonder Woman reminisces her latest battle with Cheetah. In hindsight, she realizes it marked the end of a chapter and the beginning of another darker.

Quote1 Reports of people, numbering in the tens of thousands, swearing off their gods while in the throes of violent bouts of insanity. Saying how the "next gods" will come. The "dark gods." Quote2
Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #46 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of July, 2018. It was published on May 9, 2018.

Synopsis for "The Dark Gods, Part One"

Wonder Woman reminisces her latest battle with Cheetah. In hindsight, she realizes it marked the end of a chapter and the beginning of another darker.

Empire Enterprises, Washington D.C.

Not long ago Veronica Cale was working in her office in Empire Enterprises when she was visited by an hologram of Doctor Cyber. Veronica believed their partnership was over after their last quarrel, but Cyber thought she might be interested in knowing Cheetah has escaped from wherever Wonder Woman held her captive. Veronica, who swore to hunt Cheetah down after getting almost killed by her, is definitely interested. Cale was then successful in capturing Cheetah, and brought her to her labs, directed by Doctor Poison. They started running test on her, but suddenly Cheetah fell into a coma: she's not dead but right now she's not responding to any type of stimulation.

Cheetah wakes up, coming around abruptly and violently. Cheetah tears her restrains off and escapes from the lab, killing and hurting whoever crosses her path as roaring Urzkartaga isn't the only god. The dark gods are coming. Cheetah fights her way up to Veronica Cale's office, unimpeded, and is about to throw Veronica off the balcony when Wonder Woman shoves her off Veronica. Wonder Woman will not allow her to kill anybody, not even Cale, but Cheetah replies Veronica's tampering with her transformation is an insult to Urzkartaga. If she avenges that insult by killing Cale, she'll be free from Urzkartaga and ready to face the next gods.

Wonder Woman lunges again, attempting talk Cheetah down or at least hold her down, but she abruptly stops when she sees several humongous shadows silhouetted against the sky. Shaken, Wonder Woman demands to know if Cheetah drugged her. However Cheetah is too angry to pay attention to her words since Veronica took advantage of their battle to run away. Cheetah declares Wonder Woman must pay, too, before jumping off the building and vanishing somehow.

Kobra Research Base, Montenegro

Jason breaks his adoptive father Glaucus free from the grasp of Kobra. As Jason flies his father to safety, he explains he now owns an armor which gives him extra powers, although he can only wield one at a time. Jason doesn't know how he got it because one week of his life has been erased from his memory. Glaucus notes he can see that armor giving off power signatures of all Greek gods.

Washington D.C., USA

Wonder Woman receives a call from Steve Trevor as she is flying over the city in hopes of locating Cheetah. Tens of thousands of people are going mad all over the planet, swearing off their gods and rioting furiously as claiming the next gods (or the dark gods) are coming. Wonder Woman notes that sounds like Barbara rambling about welcoming the next gods after freeing herself from Urzkartaga. Steve advises caution. It appears this "next gods" madness is affecting people going through a crisis of faith Cheetah can't be the only superhuman out there on shaky terms with their deities.

All of sudden, Wonder Woman is punched out of the sky by Supergirl, who claims Rao is dead and Wonder Woman is next.

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