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"The Dark Gods, Finale": The Present

Quote1.png ...This isn't who I am. Dark and forlorn. I'll look ahead. Beyond. With those I miss -- Jason, mother, and the Amazons of Themyscira -- with me in my heart. Quote2.png
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #50 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of September, 2018. It was published on July 11, 2018.

Synopsis for "The Dark Gods, Finale"

The Present

Steve is preparing to leave for a mission with the Oddfellows even if he struggles leaving Diana alone: she just lost her brother Jason, and he would like to remain with her, but Wonder Woman understands that duty is part of what they both are and love in each other. Leaving her and going away for his mission, Diana starts remembering her fight against Jason and the Dark Gods.

One Month Before, in the Skies of Paraguay

Diana was fighting against all the Dark Gods and her brother, who fell under their control just like almost the rest of the world. With many heroes occupied with other problems, Diana fought alone until Jason stroke her so hard that she was sent flying for kilometres away. Jason reached her again and, far from the ears of the Dark Gods, Jason told her he used the power of Dolos, the Greek god of lies, to trick the Dark Gods into believing he was their servant. The armor he wears gives him all the powers of the Olympians, and he used also the power of Athena to put on a plan able to finally defeat the invaders from the Dark Multiverse.

The first phase of the plan was tricking the Dark Gods into absorbing Jason and Diana inside King Best's subconscious, were their true forms existed. While Diana fought against the other four, Jason secretly proceeded with the second part of the plan: offering himself and his power to King Best in exchange of them leaving and restoring all the damage on Earth, and also freeing Diana and the Justice League, who they previously absorbed. As King Best thinks about the offer, Diana learns that Jason sacrificed himself for the sake of the world, and even if she's proud of him she's also devastated by the fact that a stupid mistake she made will mean the end of her brother, a brother she just started to know. Jason reassures her: the power of Athena deemed it as the only choice to save the world, and he's glad he gets to be the hero once in a while. As Jason is absorbed and the Dark Gods get back to the Dark Multiverse, Diana is in despair but cannot do anything to stop the process: Jason is lost, maybe forever, but the Earth is safe and sound and the Justice League can come back.

Back to the Present As Steve leaves, Diana talks herself out of her sadness, remembering she must always have hope of meeting again the people she lost, from Jason to her mother to all her sisters in Themyscira. With this hope in her heart, she can look forward and be the woman she needs to be.

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  • Dark Gods (Flashback only)
    • God With No Name (Flashback only)
    • Karnell (Flashback only)
    • King Best (Flashback only)
    • Mob God (Flashback only)
    • Savage Fire (Flashback only)

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