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"The Just War, Part I": The Prison of Ares, Island of Themyscira

Quote1 Do you not recognize me? It is I. It is Ares. I've returned to find you... and to battle alongside you against tyranny and injustice. Quote2

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #58 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of January, 2019. It was published on November 14, 2018.

Synopsis for "The Just War, Part I"

The Prison of Ares, Island of Themyscira In a specially-made prison deep within Themyscira, Grail and Ares bemuse the nature of war: Ares explains her he understood that conquest and victory are not what men revere and remember through time, but justice is. Ares orders Grail to slash him with the god killer, believing it to be what he deserves, and Grail does it, maybe influenced by Ares' own powers as she shows regret after doing it. This causes an earthquake on the island and the collapse of the prison itself.

Northern Virginia, the home of Wonder Woman

Meanwhile, Diana sleeps in her bed, and dreams of her lover, Steve Trevor. As the talks with him, the wall behind him starts becoming as red as blood. Waking up from the shocking image, Diana receives a phone call from Etta Candy explaining Steve Trevor's unit has gone down in the nation of Durovnia and that Steve himself is M. I. A. She warns Diana not to intervene but Wonder Woman is already on her way.


Wonder Woman saves a boy from Durovnian soldiers, then confronts Etta Candy as she informs Diana that the Durovnian government is an ally. Diana refuses to think that Etta could be an ally to a nation who oppresses people, but then Etta tells her the States had to intervene because a new warlord appeared here and started a new wave of violence. While Etta and Diana discuss, the kid Diana saved commands a group of mythological creatures who were, for an undisclosed reason, brought away from their home.

Back on the battlefield, Diana once again rushes in to search for Steve, but then set her sight on the mysterious warlord and approaches him to confront him: she is shocked when he reveals her he is Ares, now reborn and ready to assist her in fighting for justice against tyranny.

Appearing in "The Just War, Part I"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ares (Dies) (Resurrected)
  • Durovnian Army
  • Grail

Other Characters:




  • A.R.G.U.S. Helicopter



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