"Just War, Part IV": The Nation of Durovnia

Quote1.png I know people in love do incredibly stupid things. But it'd be hard to be brave without love. I think so, anyway. My job involves running toward people with guns, and if I didn't have love -- for my unit, for my country, my family -- I'm not sure I could do it. Quote2.png
Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #61 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of March, 2019. It was published on January 2, 2019.

Synopsis for "Just War, Part IV"

The Nation of Durovnia

Steve Trevor is finally introduced to the leader of the creatures that took him hostage: the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Steve is a little confused about the fact that a real, true goddess of the Greek pantheon is standing in front of him like nothing, but he still tries to approach her to ask for help in finding Diana. After curing Steve's wounds, Aphrodite finds Trevor an interesting subject: she lost hope in the power of love, thinking it always leads humanity to problems, but this soldier, who wants to fight a good war, a war ending in peace, believes in love and especially in the woman who is his lover. Inspired by Steve, Aphrodite accepts to help him find Diana.

Wonder Woman meanwhile is inside the capital city of Durovnia, as the rebels armed by Ares are attacking it, trying to lure out the Prime Minister. Finding two young children, Diana protects them and also discovers that they are the grandsons of the Prime Minister himself, so she takes them to the parliament. There, Steve waits for Diana and reconciles with her. Aphrodite intervenes, stating she would have liked to know that Trevor's lover was an amazon: as Steve tells Diana that the woman standing in front of her is Aphrodite, Diana bows out of respect. The goddess tells her to stand up, as she is not sure how much she still is the goddess of love: the first mortal she encountered told her to put on clothes, and that's pretty disappointing for her.

As a messenger approaches, bringing a request of a peace treaty to be sealed in a meeting between the rebels and the Prime Minister, Diana, Steve and Aphrodite use their abilities to shield the man and bring him to the requested place, where of course they find Ares, armed and ready to a final fight with Diana, who betrayed the justice she says she works for.

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