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"Just War, Finale": The Nation of Durovnia

Quote1.png A lasso is not a sword. It has no edged side, no blunt side -- it is a loop, a weapon with neither beginning nor end, and it uses the aggressor's own strength against him. I would happily give you a demonstration. Quote2.png
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #62 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of March, 2019. It was published on January 16, 2019.

Synopsis for "Just War, Finale"

The Nation of Durovnia

While approaching a meeting with the rebels, the Prime Minister, in the company of Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman and the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was instead welcomed by the wrath of Ares, who seeks to end his tyranny on this people. Again, Diana and Ares fight and also argue about the meaning of true justice, and the new path Ares should take. As Diana gains the upper hand, Aphrodite realizes Ares is about to release all his power and so she steps in. They both realize that for some matter, neither of them acknowledged the other when they first met on this battlefield, but they are former lovers. Aphrodite then tells words at the ear of Ares and those words, a mystery to all the others there, succeed in stopping Ares from attacking again.

As the Prime Minister and the rebels meet, they reach an agreement: they do not want any more blood on their hands, because they love their people and especially their children. But all the outsiders, from the United States army to the Gods of Olympus must leave. And Wonder Woman is also a part of them, so she must leave, too. This leaves a bitter taste in Diana's mouth, but Aphrodite tells her she won this day, then she also informs her that, being her out of Olympus and without an home, she will have to take her back to the States. She also explains to Diana that her real problem is finding out what to do with Ares: willing or not, conflict will always follow him and strike the places he visits.

Ares still is in crisis: he wants to change, but he does not understand what he should do to get better, to fight the just war. Talking with Diana, Ares decides his next step will be to search for the goddess Athena, hoping that her wisdom will help him understanding what happened after he took the decision of being killed and how he should change his life to be a different type of god.

Vernon J. Baker Airbase, Outer Durovnia

Visiting the room of Etta Candy, who was injured during the conflict, Diana and Steve inform their friend about the peace treaty, then Diana also talks to Etta about her personal fight with her identity and her role in the world. She's tired of thinking if what she does every day is the right thing, and the conflict with Ares brought up more doubts than ever. Etta tells her she will always be enough for the world, and this lifts Diana's morale a little. Still, she decides she will head back home alone, as she needs time to think. Both Steve and Etta respect her decision, even knowing she is much more troubled than what she lets to be seen.

Approaching the sky, Diana asks the gods for a sign to tell her that her mother and her homeland are still safe, but no sign comes.

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