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"The Grudge": Midnight, Washington D.C., the mansion of Veronica Cale

Quote1.png Themyscira, Olympus, the Realm of the Gods -- whatever you want to call it. Vanished. Thanks to some kind of cosmic paradox. You looked me in the eyes with that smug little smile and told me my daughter would be safe there. But she's gone along with all the rest. You're not an exile anymore. You're a refugee. Quote2.png
Veronica Cale

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #64 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of April, 2019. It was published on February 13, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Grudge"

Midnight, Washington D.C., the mansion of Veronica Cale

While sipping wine, Veronica tells about the fact that Earth's electromagnetic field suffered a spontaneous inversion before gods and creatures of Greek mythology started appearing all over the world. Veronica thinks that the plan of existence where Themyscira and her daughter lived just collapsed, and this apparitions are the result. She is filled with rage: Wonder Woman and her mother promised that Isadore would be safe there. But after all, that's why she brought in her mansion the Greek goddess of grudge, Nemesis. Who better woman than Veronica Cale can understand what means to grudge, using it properly to exercise revenge?

The Next Morning, Coastal Virginia, Wonder Woman's residence

Diana is trying to bandage Steve's wounds, poking him for being unable to resist the pain. They talk about Diana's feelings towards Themyscira and Hippolyta: what happened to Ares and the others scare her, as it might be that her home was destroyed with her mother laying dead. Steve tells her she would know if her mother was dead, and he is sure she's safe and that someway Diana will find her again. In that moment, Aphrodite enters the room: Diana explains to Steve that she has nowhere to go, so she will stay there for a while, and Steve is not really happy about it, as Aphrodite's powers and looks put a lot of pressure on a mortal man.

Aphrodite answers that more important problems are approaching: Cadmus is flying fast towards Diana's mansion to tell her an attack is going on, and it is worse of what Ares brought to the nation of Durovnia a while ago. Steve gives Diana her weapons, telling he loves her and to remember that, while she keeps other safe, she needs to keep herself safe, too. Diana leaves mounting Cadmus, ready to discover what her next enemy will be.

Washington D.C., the site of the Crater

Cadmus takes Diana to a part of Washington where an enormous crater was opened up. The pegasus does not know what happened and who did it, just that it was something so powerful that for a moment him and his comrades thought that Hades showed up there. Diana decides to investigate, and drops down to the bottom where she finds Nemesis, goddess of grudge, waiting to face her. She tells Diana she is not fighting for herself, but for the grudge of another, and Diana quickly realizes she is talking about Veronica Cale. Soon enough, Veronica makes her move, telling that Wonder Woman assaulted an employee of Empire Industries, Nemesis, who was trying to determine what happened there.

Veronica tells to the media, that of course she called, that she pretends that heroes start registering themselves, paying taxes and respecting the law just like anybody else. She is tired of seeing costumed heroes doing what they want when and where they want. Of course this is a personal vendetta against Diana, but the thing works as the police officers of Washington tell Wonder Woman she must leave as soon as possible to avoid other problems. Diana approaches Veronica then, as she would like to know why she reignited her dispute with her. Diana also does not understand how Veronica can control a god-like creature like Nemesis, but to this she obtains no answer.

Miss Cale still does tell something to Wonder Woman: she had a long discussion with Nemesis about what happened to her and the other gods, and after conducting a research she believes that the whole realm of the gods, including Themyscira, has been wiped away because of some kind of cosmic paradox. She loathes Diana for having insisted about how safe Isadore, her daughter, would be on the island of Themyscira but it seems that after all Isadore, Hippolyta and all the Amazons are dead. Diana is not an exile anymore, but a refugee.

In shock, Diana leaves the place alone, flying and crying painful tears as she never felt so much loneliness.

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