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"The Grudge, Part 2": Washington D.C.

Quote1.png We will follow the sun. Scour the Earth from east to west. And if I must barter my own life for it... we will find them. Quote2.png
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #65 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of April, 2019. It was published on February 27, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Grudge, Part 2"

Washington D.C.

Veronica Cale is suing Wonder Woman for assault charges against an employee of Empire Industries, opening a debate over what type of power superheroes hold in terms of applying force for protecting justice. But Diana does not care about it right now: she's enraged and desperate, crying while in the middle of a storm, after Cale told her that Themyscira, and the dimension that contained it, is much probably collapsed.

Virginia Coast, Wonder Woman's residence

Once again, Aphrodite is interested in the relationship between Steve and Diana, as she sees the soldier patiently waiting for his love to return. As they talk about the importance and the difficulty of waiting for someone you care about, Wonder Woman approaches with the news of the fall of Olympus and Themyscira. Aphrodite is not convinced: she thinks she would have felt something if that happened, but she cannot dismiss it as she does not know why and how she was exiled from Olympus to Earth. In Aphrodite's opinion, it could be that when Ares killed himself with the Godkiller sword, he created a paradox being that the Island of Themyscira existed with the sole purpose of containing him. Maybe Themyscira's collapse brought down everything around with her.

Still, Aprhodite tells Diana that if both her and Ares survived, and some mythological creatures as well, it could be that the Amazons still live here on Earth, somewhere, and Diana can find them if she gathers her strength. Reinvigorated by Aphrodite's words, which she thinks could be at least something to hope for, Diana decides that her first step to finding out if her mother and sisters survived is to talk the goddess Nemesis out of Veronica Cale's control, as she cannot fight a war on two fronts if she wants to be focused on the research of her people. Once again, Diana leaves Steve that cannot do nothing but withstand her going away for another dangerous confrontation.

Finding out Nemesis' hideout, Diana assaults her, discovering her true power: a poisonous bite that awakens thoughts of revenge in her victims. Diana quickly understands that Veronica Cale was manipulated by Nemesis in doing what she did, and not the other way around. Leaving Nemesis to herself while resisting her bite, that almost made Diana go out to find and kill Ares for what he did, Wonder Woman decides to try to save Veronica from Nemesis' control.

Later that day, Veronica Cale's Mansion

Veronica is holding a press conference, explaining her decision about suing Wonder Woman and underlining that it is not a publicity stunt. Once she reenters her home, Miss Cale finds Diana standing, waiting for her. Taken by blind rage, Veronica is soon brought to calmness by Wonder Woman who explains her how the powers of Nemesis work. Veronica finds out she was controlled, then Diana hugs her, telling her she will find Isadore and the Amazons as she believes they are still alive. Veronica cries, confessing she cannot stop thinking about how much scared and alone her daughter could have felt during the collapse, and tells Diana that she will drop the suit for now, wishing that Diana will find Isadore even if she already lost all hope.

Back to Virginia, Wonder Woman's residence

After resolving her conflict with Veronica, Diana comes back to meet with Aphrodite once again: she tells her that the gods living in men's world is something that already caused too much trouble, as Ares started a civil war and Nemesis reignited her worst feud. Diana wants to leave and restart her research as soon as possible, and Aphrodite tells her she will come with her, as she must seek her first son, Atlantiades, who for sure is searching for her. It could be a first step towards Diana's goal, too. The goddess of Love and the princess of the Amazons fly away, searching for gods among men.

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