"Giants War, Finale": Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, U. S. A.

Quote1.png Well. This has taken a fascinating turn. We're at the girls-pulling-swords-out-of-lakes phase of the story. Quote2.png

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #68 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of June, 2019. It was published on April 10, 2019.

Synopsis for "Giants War, Finale"

Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, U. S. A.

Maggie found a mysterious sword on the bottom of a lake, with Cadmus recognizing it for being Themysciran in manufacture. But why was an Amazon sword at the bottom of a lake in this park? They do not know that this item is the thing the false Titans that Diana and Giganta are fighting kept talking about: right now, both Wonder Woman and her unexpected ally are trying to understand what those creatures could refer to while talking about protecting a sword, without knowing they were literally talking about a blade. As Diana flies away, trying to clear her mind, she spots a place on fire and then others, creating a scheme which is, in Diana's opinion, a magical circle, probably the one that evoked the creatures. She tells Doris that the thing they protect must be at the center of it, and so they go seeking out the solution to the mystery.

While they go there, Doris asks Diana why she needed her for the job: she knows that Diana is far more powerful than her, and could handle them by herself, but she also knows she always restrains her power. She could be a goddess among men, among weaker creatures, but she keeps restraining herself for some kind of morality, and Giganta cannot understand why. Diana is a little hurt by the words of her temporary ally, but she also knows Giganta is right. And as she found out this beings are not sentient, but a construct, Diana decides to use her power completely and makes herself a force of nature, easily taking out the giants of stone. As they all unite into one enormous giant, Maggie, accompanied by Aphrodite standing by, as her powers are useless against a pile of rocks, shouts at the giant beast telling to stop while holding the sword high. They obey their commands.

After regrouping, Diana acknowledges the weapon to be the blade of the legendary Amazon Antiope, and tells Maggie to keep it: there's always a reason for a weapon like that to reveal herself to a person, and so it may be that Maggie was destined for it. Diana is also happy about the fact she could have found the first proof of the Amazons still being alive. After Giganta and Diana salute one another, with Doris telling her that she does not need any payment as she already got what she wanted, including two years off from her condemn, Wonder Woman, Aphrodite and Maggie, mounted on Cadmus, fly away towards new adventures, after Maggie sadly leaves Damon behind: they must hurry, because if the sword was there, then Antiope must be near.

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