"Love is a Battlefield, Part 2": Summergrove, Connecticut, U.S.A.

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Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #70 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of July, 2019. It was published on May 8, 2019.

Synopsis for "Love is a Battlefield, Part 2"

Summergrove, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Atlantiades and Aphrodite discuss about their feelings towards one another: while Aphrodite's first thought when she realizes she was exiled from Olympus was about Atlantiades' safety, her son was about cultivating a following for himself. He tells his mother that since he was born, she used him as something to show and exhibit to gain more followers and more power. She never cared about him, but only for herself, and his cult was suppressed. He wants to be followed again, and so he took his throne here, in Summergrove. Aphrodite admits her mistakes, telling Atlantiades that she was a foolish young mother too absorbed in herself, but that he must stop doing this. Of course, Atlantiades does not care and leaves them be, keeping on letting desire run the place.

While Diana decides to try to look from a different perspective at things, Maggie and Aphrodite enter Atlantiades' own temple to search for something that might lead to a way to put some reason into his head. While there, Maggie and the goddess of love talk about Aphrodite's problems with his son, and the possibilities of them reconciling. Diana flies into the city, and sees Steve Trevor there: he tells her he was at a funeral for a comrade, and then he just appeared here. Wonder Woman informs him of what's happening, and soon Steve is influenced by the powers of Atlantiades: he starts doubting himself, telling Diana that one day he will be old and ugly, while she will always be a goddess among men. Maybe he needs to find someone who will get old with him.

Saddened by the words of his lover, Diana is facing one of her biggest fears: the mortality of the man he loves and the friends she made. Isolating herself, Atlantiades visits her and explains that was not the real Steve: his power let also fear of desire and love take flesh, and Diana just saw what was in her mind. She just needs to be sure about her feelings to blow the image away, and so she does, just with admitting she loves Steve. While Diana and Atlantiades reason on the actions of the god, his followers come looking for him: they are unhappy. Thanks to the fact they always followed their desires and appetites, many of them have trouble: someone got fired, other people stopped cleaning their houses or looking after their children. Now they want back what was theirs, or Atlantiades will feel the rage of his own followers.

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