"Love is a Battlefield, Part 3": Summergrove, Connecticut

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Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #71 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of July, 2019. It was published on May 22, 2019.

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Synopsis for "Love is a Battlefield, Part 3"

Summergrove, Connecticut

As the followers of Atlantiades realized that following desire blindly is something that will mess your life up, they seek revenge, or at least a form of stability, from the demigod they worship. He decides to use his power to make them even more enamored with him, but Diana tells him that's not the path to follow, and Atlantiades understands it when a young girl comes to him crying, asking him if he can help her find her parents who are missing, and that clearly abandoned her in pursuit of their own desires, something Atlantiades should comprehend better than most. Freeing his followers from their extreme devotions, he explains them that while following desire is right and beautiful, sometimes you must choose from what you want and what the people you care for need.

Atlantiades then tells Diana that while he thanks her to letting him learn about his mistakes, also giving him the chance to meet and maybe reconcile with his mother, in his opinion Diana is restraining herself too much, both in power and desire. This brings to Diana's mind the words Giganta told her a while ago, which contained the same truth. Still, Atlantiades keeps on seducing Diana and when it seems she's on the verge of accepting his seduction power, Cadmus comes flying by, telling Wonder Woman that Aphrodite and Maggie discovered some kind of dark portal inside Atlantiades' temple.

Diana asks the demigod about that, but he tells her that he was just spat from Olympus through the house which become his temple. Whatever passage is there, he does not know anything about it: Diana thinks it could be a key for discovering what happened to Olympus and Themyscira, so she goes there. Maggie entered the portal alone, as the sword of Antiope told her to go there, shining when pointed towards the place. Aphrodite tried to go after her, but as soon as she saw the dark, a kind of terror which she wasn't able to resist came into her. This is another sign that the place must be connected to the mystery they are trying to unfold: Diana goes into the portal and finds herself in a dark cave, where Maggie is trying to survive an attack from a Colossus, a powerful creature. Diana gets ready to fight the monster and to discover the truth about what happened to her home.


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