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"Love is a Battlefield, Finale": Inside the temple of Atlantiades, Summergrove, Connecticut

Quote1 I should not let them fight. I should not let them put themselves at risk. But after so long alone, cut off from my people... it feels good not to fight alone. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #72 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of August, 2019. It was published on June 12, 2019.

Synopsis for "Love is a Battlefield, Finale"

Inside the temple of Atlantiades, Summergrove, Connecticut

Diana and Maggie are fighting a colossus, a creature of incredible strength, when they both find out that the sword of Antiope, for some mysterious matter, is able to defeat him without too much trouble, if wielded by Maggie. Diana also tells Maggie that the sword is of Amazonian manufacture, and that means it glows stronger the nearest it is to her owner, which is Antiope herself. Meanwhile, outside the temple, Atlantiades tells to his mother that he will get through the portal, which is closing, to help Diana and Maggie, because sometimes love means running towards danger. He promises Aphrodite he'll come back, and then they will settle things.

After beating the Colossus, Maggie almost falls down into an abyss, but Diana saves her even if it means losing the sword into the darkness. Luckily for them, Atlantiades comes down flying and recovers the sword. Then, they are attacked by several fish-like creatures that together they defeat, with Diana finally feeling once again the sensation of fighting with comrades. Wonder Woman learns then that Atlantiades entered the portal with the possibility of never coming back, and asks him for an explanation, which seems to be the fact that the demigod is really in love with the daughter of Hippolyta. Still, Diana keeps resisting him as only Steve Trevor resides in her heart.

Following the path of light projected by Antiope's sword, they reach an exit: opening in front of them is another dimension, the Dimension Chi, a place Diana remembers to be a dangerous one, being that the last time she was here she barely escaped with her life.

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  • Colossus Minotaur (First full appearance)
  • Unnamed fish-like monsters (First appearance) (All die)

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