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"Return Of The Amazons Part 2": Themyscira, the present

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Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #75 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of September, 2019. It was published on July 24, 2019.

Synopsis for "Return Of The Amazons Part 2"

Themyscira, the present

Grail sits on the Amazons throne, talking to the former Queen, Hippolyta: after she killed Ares with the God Killer sword, she was free and Themyscira was destroyed and reformed. When she told the Amazons what she did, many of them were happy that she had the strength to kill their enemy. And now many think she is a better queen than Hippolyta, as she will lead the Amazons to conquest, starting from Olympus and then the world of men.

Dimension Chi

Antiope explains to Diana that when Themyscira collapsed, many Amazons started questioning Hippolyta's decisions and leadership, including Nubia who was the first to take Grail's part when she decided to lead the Amazons. Diana is shocked to hear this, but Antiope tells her that is nothing but the truth. As Diana is welcomed like the princess she is from her sisters, Antiope tells her that they think her return is a sign from the patrons, but they both know it is not. They must prepare to fight, even if the idea of Amazons fighting Amazons seems so unnatural and wrong. Antiope also tells Diana that the worlds, after the paradox, are realigning like before, meaning that the passageway they opened to enter Dimension Chi is closing, so they must act soon or not act at all, living forever here.

As the armies train, including Maggie who must get better at fighting, Diana and Antiope acknowledge that their soldiers are not ready. Diana then welcomes Atlantiades with a gift, a suit of Themysciran armor for them, asking them to intervene with their soothing powers if the battle becomes too violent.

Back to Themyscira

Grail prepares to deliver Hippolyta to the sea, as a means of revenge to the fact she was imprisoned in the dark for decades. While she is doing it, the forces from Dimension Chi traverse the portal and attack, with Grail commanding to take the prisoners to the caves while searching for her disappeared sword, the God Killer. The battle starts, with Diana suffering from the fact that a civil war is what welcomed her back home after so much time. As the Amazons of Grail fight with no honor and to the death, Diana's army tries to respect the Amazon's code, leading to a disadvantage. But when Antiope sends Maggie to the caves, distracting Grail and making the enemy break his line, Diana knows there's an opportunity for their secret weapon, and she calls for Atlantiades to use their power.

After reaching for Maggie to see her safe, Diana walks into the caves and confronts Grail, who holds Isadore Cale ready to slit her throat if Diana and her army does not leave. Wonder Woman would never break the promise she made to Veronica, and so accepts the agreement, but Grail will kill the girl nonetheless. In that moment, a spear launched by Nubia hits Grail: she was playing her since the start, as she would never betray her queen. With Grail then defeated and Isadore safe, Diana finally hugs her mother.

Meanwhile, Somewhere in South America

Lex Luthor sent one of his drones to Cheetah, bringing a gift: he was the one who stole the blade known as God Killer, forged in Olympus and able to slay any Amazon or god. Cheetah will be finally free to have the revenge she wanted on the people who rejected her: a massacre awaits both for Themyscira and Olympus.

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