"Mothers and Children": Themyscira

Quote1.png What are you staring at, Goddess of Love? Am I not beautiful, as you are? Say I am beautiful. Say I am worthy. Quote2.png

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #76 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of October, 2019. It was published on August 14, 2019.

Synopsis for "Mothers and Children"


Hippolyta and Diana finally have some time together, with them telling each other how joy overflows in them now, after many years passed without the other. Diana though knows she must come back to the world of men, as she has to keep a promise she made to Veronica Cale. Still, it won't be leaving forever like before, as the realignment and the regeneration of a passage between Earth and Themyscira thanks to Antiope's sword made possible to travel back and forth from Earth to Paradise Island once again.

Diana, together with Atlantiades who needs to settle things with their mother, Aphrodite, will both come back and, if the travel is successful and not harmful, Wonder Woman promises to Isadore that the first thing she will do will be bringing Veronica here to embrace her back, as the young girl cannot leave the Sphere of the Gods, or she will disappear. After telling this to Isadore, Diana and Atlantiades fly towards the passageway, with Maggie staying to train and learn how to be the first mortal Amazon in centuries.

Elsewhere, in the world of men

Steve Trevor is fighting some kind of werewolf pack while discussing the long absence, without messages, of Diana. Aphrodite tells him she will come back, as their love is true, given that he experienced it while they were in Diana's house together. Their bond is true and Diana will always come back to him. And right in that moment, Cadmus comes giving the announcement: both Diana and Atlantiades are coming back, ready to meet them. Diana and Steve rejoin each other, while Atlantiades finds that Steve is a little too ordinary for being the lover of someone so incredible like Diana. Maybe with a hint of jealousy, Atlantiades still accepts him as they all find their way to Virginia, inside Diana's residence.

There, Wonder Woman leaves once again, telling Steve to better know Atlantiades and to treat him nicely: the soldier wonders how much this will go on, while Diana heads to Washington, to meet with Veronica Cale.

The Residence of Veronica Cale, Later that day

Diana breaks into Veronica's apartment, checking for any reporter nearby. Miss Cale welcomes her with a gun pointed at the head, but soon changes her mind when Diana tells her about the fact the link between Earth and Themyscira has been restored, and she can meet Isadore again. Even if Veronica tells her they are still enemies, she is happy and Diana realizes that seeing happiness coming from grief is an incredibly beautiful thing to witness. Veronica finally meets her daughter again, and Hippolyta and Diana go away, leaving them with some privacy.

Meanwhile, in Diana's residence

While Aphrodite is resting, an intruder sneaks inside the house, searching for her nemesis: it's the Cheetah, armed with the God Killer. As she does not find Diana, Cheetah orders Aphrodite to bring her to Themyscira. Then, when she understands the goddess is trying to comprehend her aspect, Barbara is enraged and decides to end the life of the goddess of love with her sword.

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