"Loveless, Part One": Wonder Woman's residence, Virginia Coast, U.S.A.

Quote1 Stupid, stupid... when I killed Aphrodite, I didn't just kill a goddess... I killed the power you didn't even know you had. Quote2

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #77 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of October, 2019. It was published on August 28, 2019.

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Synopsis for "Loveless, Part One"

Wonder Woman's residence, Virginia Coast, U.S.A.

Atlantiades and Steve come back from a stroll at the supermarket, when Trevor witnesses a macabre image: Aphrodite's corpse, bloody and cold. He tries to restrain Atlantiades from entering the house, but the demigod thinks it is some kind of affront from a mortal and enters nonetheless. When he finds out what happened, he's taken by denial, telling himself and Steve it is not possible that his mother was killed. Steve tries to take him away, but fails in doing so and soon Diana also arrives, learning of this fact. Both her and Steve quickly guess that this was the work of the Cheetah, and that someone must have helped her, lending her some kind of power who could kill an Olympian, as she wouldn't be able to do it with her normal set of powers.


Atlantiades asks Diana to bring her to Themyscira with him, so that he can bury her in the sea she was born from. On the island, Atlantiades asks Diana if feeling both anger and loss is a normal and right feeling. Diana answers that it is an honest one. Atlantiades then tells Diana he wants justice, swift and without sentiment, and Wonder Woman is eager to give it to him.

Back on Earth

Diana is on the hunt and leaves Steve again, with the man saddened by the fact he does not seem to be the first on Diana's list: she leaves him alone too many times to fight battles for others. Diana finds out where the Cheetah hides, and learns of the God Killer: the two get ready for a clash. Meanwhile, Atlantiades comes back to Diana's home and talks about the funeral with Steve, who then tells him in return about the brief conflict he had with Diana about their relationship, telling that maybe love is not worth the effort. Seeing Steve uttering this, Atlantiades realizes that love is truly dead, as Aphrodite was killed, and this could have severe consequences for the whole world.

Somewhere else, Diana and Cheetah fight but suddenly Wonder Woman starts losing her will to fight, like if something is sapping her strength. Cheetah tells her that she is a fool, as she did not realize that the death of Aphrodite meant that Diana lost a power she didn't even know she had.

The Far End of Themyscira

Grail and the Amazons still at her side are trying to regroup, and the daughter of Darkseid wants to know where her God Killer sword is. But then four dark figures appear in front of her, telling her that the sword is lost forever to her, but that there could be other ways to obtain what she wants, if she's willing to listen.


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