"Interlude": Dakstone Abbey, Nottinghamshire, England. The Minerva-Cavendish residence.

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #8 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of December, 2016. It was published on October 12, 2016.

Synopsis for "Interlude"

Dakstone Abbey, Nottinghamshire, England. The Minerva-Cavendish residence.

Lord Cavendish is having issues about her daughter's education: she's too focused on fantasy and imagination, while the world is an harsh and cruel place. The Lord is determined to make her daughter successful and despite the fact she misses her mother, who died prematurely, she has to start seeing things as they are, and not as a marvelous story. Calling for her, Cavendish explains to Barbara Ann that it is time for her to change perspective.

Volnovakha, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. Scythian/Sarmatian Dig (Site C).

Dr. Minerva and Dr. Martins are discussing Barbara Ann's belief in the existence of the Amazons, something Martins deems absurd. She thinks that the proof is in this site, and in the night she wakes up believing someone got into the place before her, probably her envious colleague. Barbara catapults herself inside, but there is no other man or woman in there with her. She finds then the proof she searched for in her entire career: the tomb of the twelfth queen of the Amazons, Lysippe. But then, the site collapses on itself with Barbara barely able to escape. Praying Martins to help her dig out the site once again, she is accused of fabricating lies about proving the existence of the Amazons. Getting drunk after the experience, Barbara Ann does not understand when local foreman Viktor Yakuvic steals information on the Amazons from her.

Grand Erg Oriental, Tunisia. Following the path of the Amazons

Trying to backtrack the Amazons, Barbara gets to Tunisia and finds the body of Yakuvic, with a mysterious scripting on his arm: SEAR. Meeting an old woman and a child, she is informed by them she is not following the right way, and Barbara understands the message: she's not going where the Amazons went, but where the Amazons came from, the Paradise Island of Themyscira. Without knowing the old mother and the child were messengers of the Gods, Barbara travels through the sea, finding the island. But in there, only a withered tree stands alone, and there's no sign of any living Amazon.

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  • Dr. Martins
  • Lord Cavendish
  • Ms. McLeod


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