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"Loveless, Finale": Washington D.C.

Quote1 I don't know how to say goodbye to you. Quote2
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #81 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of December, 2019. It was published on October 23, 2019.

Synopsis for "Loveless, Finale"

Washington D.C.

With the emblem of Doom rising up through dimensions, dominating the sky, Cheetah makes Diana realize that this time she will have no way to escape defeat: her allies are away, separated and without a common goal. Her enemies are united, stronger than ever. Love is dead. Diana answers her that she does not know what she wants: does she think she will start pleading her for mercy? She will never do that. But Cheetah does want a far simpler thing: she wants Wonder Woman to admit that in the end, the Cheetah won. And so Diana does it, sending a wave of maniacal excitement through the Cheetah's body.

Meanwhile, in another place, Atlantiades reaches Steve Trevor to tell him he must come to the aid of Diana again, as the disappearance of Love is making her living her worst moment. She is alone and Atlantiades is ready to put the love he knows he has possessed for Diana away, if it means giving Steve the chance to end her suffering. Without realizing it, Atlantiades just demonstrated to higher powers that he was worthy: as Steve witnesses it and takes Atlantiades' hand, the son of Aphrodite ascends to godhood, as the throne of Love stands waiting for someone to sit upon it. Atlantiades is the new god of Love, and he's ready to give back the gift of it to the world.

As Cheetah gives her ultimatum to Diana, telling her she must give her access to Themyscira or die, Atlantiades comes and rescues Diana, giving her back the power of Love in the form of an armor imbued with the power of the Erotes. Diana defeats Cheetah and destroys the God Killer and, together with Atlantiades, condemns Cheetah to become a prisoner in Themyscira for eternity, punished for the crime of the murder of Aphrodite. With Atlantiades leaving, Diana and Steve acknowledge that they cannot just start again their relationship, and they will need time to think. Diana then leaves her apartment in Virginia, closing her love story with Steve and hoping, one day, to have another chance with him. Meanwhile, Veronica Cale watches a message from Cheetah inside her mansion, with Barbara promising her death if her enhancement to the sword fails in delivering the final defeat to Diana.

Later, in the cells beneath Themyscira

Cheetah screams for Atlantiades or Hippolyta to come and free her, but something different answers: three voices from the dark approach the Cheetah, telling her that her weapon is not lost, but remade more powerful by them. She will be free, and she will wield the God Killer again, this time inside the island of Themyscira. All she has to do is to set them free as well.

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