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"The Wild Hunt, Part 2": Themyscira

Quote1.png I'd worry not for Diana's safety, but for your own. For finally...you have Hera's attention. Quote2.png

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #83 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of February, 2020. It was published on December 18, 2019.

Synopsis for "The Wild Hunt, Part 2"


Diana approaches the battlefield and engages Cheetah in a one on one duel, with Barbara wielding Diana's own Lasso of Truth and the God Killer while Wonder Woman fights with the weapons that Peng Delian, the Wonder-Woman of China, lent her. After hitting Cheetah with a surprise attack using her repaired invisible jet, Diana was able to separate Cheetah enough from Themyscira and to bring her back to Earth without her dealing enough damage to attract the wrath of Hera, the Cheetah's true objective: Barbara affirms that the Dark Fates showed her, through the God Killer, that she owed a depth of freedom to Diana, as just like Wonder Woman freed her from the oppression of Urzkartaga, so the Cheetah must do with Diana's patrons.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

As Diana's jet enters Earth, getting out of the Sphere of the Gods, Cheetah destroys one of the jet's wings, making it fall inside a pier in Boston. There, Cheetah and Wonder Woman keep on fighting, without noticing that the Silencer, an expert markswoman and killer, is there with her family. Fearing for her family's own safety, Honor decides to intervene in the fight, and wrapped by the Lasso of Truth, she admits she will have no problem in killing both Diana and Cheetah if this means that her family won't suffer any damage from the fight.

Exploiting Silencer's intervention, Cheetah takes back the God Killer from Diana, who was able to take the blade from her enemy in Themyscira, and then tries to flee. Silencer aims for her, going for the kill, but she's stopped by Diana who still believes that in some way her old friend can be redeemed and brought back to who she was. While Silencer thinks Diana is making a really big mistake, Wonder Woman saves her life from a surprise attack of Barbara, who then moves to the docks to cause more panic.

Silencer and Diana then must team up, as one of them needs to rescue the people and Diana is evidently better suited for it. As Barbara and Honor fight, Diana brings everyone to safety and then tries once again to confront Barbara using love instead of pure strength. Completely shocked by Wonder Woman's approach, Silencer decides to throw a grenade at Cheetah but Diana shields her enemy with her own body, leaving herself open for Cheetah to cut her with the God Killer, slicing her back. As Diana's blood falls on the ground, the wrath of Hera is finally awakened and the Goddess presents herself in the skies of Boston, ready to give the Cheetah what she asked.

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