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"The Lies, Part Five": Arlington, Virigina, USA

Quote1.png I am now, and I always will be, in your corner. Anywhere you go, anything you do, anything you need, it's yours. As long as I live, Diana. Quote2.png
Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #9 is an issue of the series Wonder Woman (Volume 5) with a cover date of December, 2016. It was published on October 26, 2016.

Synopsis for "The Lies, Part Five"

Arlington, Virigina, USA

Steve Trevor reports back to Director Bordeaux about the outcome of the mission, with Cadulo in jail. Meanwhile, Diana and Etta Candy went shopping, as Barbara Minerva just came back to her normal, human life. After buying something to wear, Barbara tells that she must fulfill the promise she made to Diana, and if Etta can provide her good maps she will put Wonder Woman on the right track to Themyscira. Then, Diana tells them to wait outside the mall, as she decides to gather the crowd: Barbara tells Etta she does not understand why she doesn't simply ignore them, but Etta explains Diana understood the importance of making herself available to the people adoring her.

Washington D.C, Empire Enterprise Building

Veronica Cale gets updated from Adrianna about the outcome of Steve's mission, as reported from Sasha Bordeaux. She also gets informed about the fact Barbara Minerva was cured and that she's helping Wonder Woman finding her way home. Veronica commands then to start the preparations to advance the plan, ordering to contact Marina: she now feels that they are close to their objective, and that Wonder Woman is in their control.

The Picket, Kirby Road, Virginia

Barbara and Etta are working in finding the way to Themyscira: Barbara thinks that Diana cannot reach it because the patrons wants to hide it from her. She explains Etta that the Island does not exist in a physical place, but rather in a spiritual one you can access only if granted permission. Diana does not know why she doesn't remember how to do that anymore, but her friends assure her they'll find a way, and let her leave as she has a date with Steve. The two talk about Diana's previous relationship with Superman, and the fact her memory is playing tricks on her. But in the end, the Amazon tells Steve she will never forget the survivor, then she tells him she's going to kiss him, a thinks that Trevor does not object to. As they reconcile their love story, their phones ring: it seems Etta and Barbara already found out something. And they are right: Steve and Diana start travelling, finding a place where the barrier from Earth and the dimension of the Gods is weaker and then accessing it. Suddenly, Diana hears the voice of her mother and gets welcomed home.

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