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"The Witching Hour, Part I": When she was twelve, the princess of Themyscira and daughter of Hippolyta, Diana, witnessed a ritual performed by the witches of Hecate: she was captured and marked on her fore

Quote1 You are mine, girl. You are witchmarked. My power had lain safe, hidden in you since childhood. But now I need it back. Run if you wish. My time has come. You cannot fight what you are, girl. Quote2

Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 2018. It was published on October 3, 2018.

Synopsis for "The Witching Hour, Part I"

When she was twelve, the princess of Themyscira and daughter of Hippolyta, Diana, witnessed a ritual performed by the witches of Hecate: she was captured and marked on her forehead by the deity herself. Getting back to her mother and scared, Hippolyta called for the witches the day after, but the amazons told her the princess only had a dream while in the woods, and that they were there praying Hecate. They found her and brought her to Hippolyta's bed so she could be safe. The queen seems satisfied, as Diana is not scared anymore and believes the words of the witches, but once her daughter is out of sight, Hippolyta threatens the witches, telling them to say the truth. There, Hecate herself appears, killing her followers for being unable to provide her satisfying sacrifices, and then told the queen that the day of her reign was near, and then all her daughters would wake up, full of her power, and give the world to her.

In the present day, after facing the Upside-Down Man for the first time, Diana and Zatanna are in the Hall of Justice, exposing the results of Diana's investigation on why magic seemed to be broken: a race of magical beings called the Otherkind, and their leader, the Upside-Down Man, were coming to Earth to bring back magic to their dimension, posting a serious threat to the health of the whole planet. Diana explains the power of this monster is incredibile, as he was able to incinerate Swamp Thing, literally melting Detective Chimp and he also deprived John Constantine of the demon blood flowing though his veins. They stopped him and restored the damage he provoked, but he will come back. Batman asks why they did not called Jason Blood, but Zatanna tells him most of the magical creatures of Earth want to solve the problem by themselves. Then, when Superman and Hawkgirl ask about Doctor Fate, Diana has to reveal that Nabu, the entity bestowing the title of Doctor itself, imprisoned in his helmet his current host, Kent Nelson, and then took control of his body. Nabu, as a Lord of Order, was sick about the chaos magic brought to the world, and decided to open the door to the Otherkind, letting them do their job. Before going away, Superman wants to know how they stopped the Upside-Down Man in the first place: it was with Diana's new mysterious powers, related to her experience with Hecate, but the amazon is troubled about them. Zatanna intervenes, citing luck as their weapon, so that Diana could omit the truth, as she was visibly struggling.

Batman knows that both Diana and Zatanna are hiding a secret, and so makes the sorceress stop for a moment, telling her he trusts her about keeping a secret, but to be sure that whatever is bothering Diana so much is handled correctly. Back in the Justice League Dark headquarters, Zatanna and Diana talk about what just happened: Wonder Woman wants to discover more about her mark before letting any member of the League start worrying about her. Meanwhile, Hecate herself intervenes, utilizing her magic to make all the League forget what happened just moments ago. Meanwhile, in this troubled times for magic, the Sisterhood of the Sleight Hand reunites at the Oblivion Bar, where Traci 13 called for a meeting to invoke protection for all witchkind. There, another witch by the name of Rebecca Carstairs, is present to the ritual: the evocation makes her feel strange, and then she remembers being in an orphanage and being marked by Hecate. Her hidden power explodes through her, as Hecate takes control of her and burns most of the witches present there, disappointed in how witches, the ones who should reverence her, use their power. While some of them escape, most of the witches die under Rebecca's witch-fire, with Hecate promising he will destroy the current magic world to place something different in its place.

In the Justice League Dark headquarters, Diana and Zatanna are reporting the results of their meeting to the rest of the team, when Hecate takes control of Wonder Woman: Zatanna helps her keeping her power in place, but Hecate manifests to them and talks to Zatanna, telling her she must know who she is. Zatanna tells her she knows she is Hecate, goddess of magic, and that her father taught her to reverence her. Hecate answers her she always liked Giovanni Zatara, but just like her and all other magical creatures, he was shortsighted. Hecate tells Diana she's hers to control, as she was witch-marked when she was younger to be a vessel to store power into, a power that now Hecate must take back. After Bobo discovers the Justice League is in some kind of hypnosis and cannot help them, he tells Swamp Thing to offer a diversion and then makes the team use a teleportation door that leads to his bar, the Oblivion, thinking that there they will be safe. He does not imagine the massacre awaiting them there: arrived inside, John Constantine awaits them in a nightmare scene of half-burnt corpses. The Hellblazer instinctively kisses Zatanna, telling her he did it as it was his last chance to kiss her: the Witching Hour has begun, and soon they will all lay dead.

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