"Superman and Batman: "The Power That Transformed Batman!"": Superman spots a comet heading toward Earth and redirects it towards the Sun. Later arriving in Gotham City, Superman meets up with Batman who recently asked for the Man of Ste

World's Finest #128 is an issue of the series World's Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1962.

Appearing in Superman and Batman: "The Power That Transformed Batman!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Moose Morans (Single appearance)
  • Silkey Steve (Single appearance)
  • Sparkles Garnet (Single appearance)




Synopsis for Superman and Batman: "The Power That Transformed Batman!"

Superman spots a comet heading toward Earth and redirects it towards the Sun. Later arriving in Gotham City, Superman meets up with Batman who recently asked for the Man of Steel's assistance with his most recent case. The Dynamic Duo are presently attempting to arrest three criminals trying to make waves in the underworld: criminal inventor Moose Morans, plotter Silky Steve, and explosives expert and jewel thief Sparkles Garnet.

While following a lead to capture Sparkles, Batman suddenly transforms into an elongated form that can fly and shoot rays out of his eyes that cause concrete to foam. While Superman and Robin attempt to deal with their out of control comrade, Garnet manages to complete his robbery plot. After repairing damage Batman had done to a bridge, the Dark Knight returns to normal. Despite this setback, Superman, Batman and Robin manage to track down Sparkles and his men.

As Superman is returning from dropping the crooks off at the jail, Batman undergoes another transformation into a human flying buzzsaw, and begins cutting a swath across the city. Robin and Superman manage to subdue Batman with a wrecker crane's magnet. However, while they are busy in the process, Silky Steve manages to get the drop on Superman, pulling out a chunk of Kryptonite. At this moment, Batman returns to normal and much to everyone's surprise, Batman is weakened by the Kryptonite instead of Superman. The Man of Steel then captures Silky Steve and destroys the Kryptonite.

Comparing notes, the two heroes realize what happened: When Superman swatted away the comet earlier, it caused him to temporarily transfer his unpredictable vulnerability to Red Kryptonite to Batman when they shook hands. Before Superman had arrived, Batman was handling Red Kryptonite in an attempt to find a cure for of it's effects for Superman and was exposed to it's rays long enough to be effected by it when he gained Superman's powers. They begin to track Moose Morans when reports get out that a chunk of Red Kryptonite was stolen from the Meteorological Institute. Having heard that Batman had gained Superman's weaknesses, he attempts to use this to his advantage. However, Batman and Superman are a step ahead of the criminal inventor and have switched costumes and easily capture him and prevent his robbery of a Gotham City bank with specially made robots. With all three crooks behind bars, the effects of the comet begin to wear off, Superman regains his regular weaknesses, and Batman's unpredictable transformations have ceased.

Appearing in Aquaman: "The Trial of Aquaman"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Aquaman: "The Trial of Aquaman"

Aquaman is on trial for the murder of Aqualad and a string of robberies, after numerous testimony where witnesses place Aquaman at the scene of the crime, Aquaman is found guilty. As he's being escorted to prison, he's freed by a bunch of crooks. It's revealed that they captured Aqualad in order to force Aquaman into stealing for them, and when they believe that Aquaman has been affected by being found guilty so that he will help the crooks, they take him to where they have Aqualad hostage. Aquaman frees his sidekick and they quickly defeat the crooks. Aquaman turns them in to the police and Aquaman clears his name.

Appearing in Green Arrow: "The Too-Old Hero"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Green Arrow: "The Too-Old Hero"

When patrolman Charlie Dooley, an old time cop who hasn't seen a promotion in years has to get saved by Green Arrow and Speedy, the force decides to promote him to a nice safe desk job as sergeant. Feeling that he hasn't earned his promotion and that he only got the job because he is a liability as a beat cop, Dooley ends up getting a call and helping Green Arrow and Speedy catch a round of crooks. With a successful "last" patrol, Dooley feels as though he's earned his promotion.


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