"Superman and Batman: "The Band of Super-Villains"": Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are all on location to witness the grand opening of Science City, an island th

Quote1 If the crooks fired so many shots at your Arrow-plane, as you so vividly describe, why isn't there at least one bullet hole present? Quote2
-- Miss Arrowette

Appearing in Superman and Batman: "The Band of Super-Villains"

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Synopsis for Superman and Batman: "The Band of Super-Villains"

Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are all on location to witness the grand opening of Science City, an island that is devoted to advances in science. When examining an exhibit of a new bathysphere, Bruce and Dick notice a strange diver attempting to steal donated treasure used for the exhibit. Changing into Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo dive into the water to recover the stolen loot and are shocked to find that the crook is some strange merman creature. Commanding a hammerhead shark to keep Batman and Robin at bay, the Merman manages to get away.

Elsewhere on the island, while Clark and Lois are examining the island for the Daily Planet, Clark spots a strange energy being. Slipping off on a one-man hydrofoil on display, Clark manages to get away from Lois and change into Superman and clash with the energy creature -- calling itself Astro -- attempting to steal a chunk of platinum. Superman fails to stop the creature and it manages to escape.

Comparing notes the heroes soon learn that the island has been cut off from the outside world and that a giant force bubble has been placed around it to prevent anyone from leaving. When a third creature appears attempting to steal a safe, Batman, Robin and Superman attempt to stop it but are all sent packing when the Merman and Astro come to help their comrade. With the air running thin under the dome, the heroes begin searching for the strange creatures realizing they must also be trapped on the island. Superman finds them and learns their secret: that they are just normal crooks who have belts that mutate them into their creature forms. Easily rounding them up, Superman, Batman and Robin all learn that the crooks are working for an alien who gave them the belts in exchange for their help in making him a dictator on his home world.

Taking the crooks signal caller, the three heroes disguise themselves as the crooks and are brought aboard the alien ship. Breaking free from its gas chamber, Superman easily knocks out the alien. The three heroes escape before the ship explodes, taking down the force dome with its destruction. After order is restored, and Lois begins to suspect that Superman and Clark Kent might be the same man, Superman speeds off to change back into Ken and returns in the hydrofoil he left in, explaining to Lois that the force bubble kept him from coming back to the island.

Appearing in Green Arrow: "The Mystery of the Missing Inventors"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Unnamed crooks

Other Characters:

  • Forsythe (an inventor)
  • Rankin (an inventor)




Synopsis for Green Arrow: "The Mystery of the Missing Inventors"

When a series of scientists start to go missing, Green Arrow and Speedy help another scientist prevent himself from being captured. With Miss Arrowette joining them, they learn that the crooks seek to utilize the scientists' anti-gravity technology and use a deadly Z-Ray weapon to commit crimes.

While Green Arrow and Speedy try and stop a runaway anti-gravity ship, Miss Arrowette goes after the crooks who are using the Z-Ray to commit heists. After Green Arrow and Speedy stop the device and free the scientists, the three archers round up the crooks with the Z-Ray, destroying the device in the progress.



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