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"Superman and Batman: "The Batman Nobody Remembered"": Batman is returning home in the Batplane during a terrible storm, when his craft is struck by lightning, and is forced to make a crash landing. Returning to Gotham City on foot, Batman is shocked to see th

Quote1.png No! No! I'm Bruce Wayne! You're Clark Kent -- and Superman too! Has everyone gone crazy? Quote2.png

World's Finest #136 is an issue of the series World's Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1963.

Synopsis for Superman and Batman: "The Batman Nobody Remembered"

Batman is returning home in the Batplane during a terrible storm, when his craft is struck by lightning, and is forced to make a crash landing. Returning to Gotham City on foot, Batman is shocked to see the Joker brazenly driving around out in the open and tries to apprehend him. Bringing this Joker to Commissioner Gordon, Batman is shocked to learn that Commissioner Gordon doesn't recognize him, and the Joker is really a TV personality named Fred Forbes. When Gordon attempts to have Batman arrested, the Dark Knight manages to escape, troubled by what's happened he happens out into the street and sees Superman flying toward him. When he realizes that Superman is attempting to capture him, he flees the Man of Steel as well, causing an accident with an oil truck the Superman must deal with while the Caped Crusader gets away.

Trying to gain access to the Batcave, Batman is shocked to find that it's gone and so decides to enter Wayne Manor through the front door. He is shocked that neither Alfred or Dick recognize him and, even more surprising, that Clark Kent is in his home and is calling himself Bruce Wayne. When they try to capture him, Batman flees into the night, wondering what could have possibly happened and why people don't remember him.

Wandering the streets of Gotham City, Batman spots the headquarters of View Magazine and goes up to see his friend Vicki Vale. However, he is in for another shock once more when the woman who calls herself Vicki Vale happens to resemble Lois Lane. Vicki signals Superman and Robin who come and capture him. They take the Dark Knight back to Commissioner Gordon's office, where they force him to take off his mask. Nobody recognizing his face, they make him get his fingerprints taken and lock him up when reports of the Red Raven Gang being on the loose.

Superman, Gordon, and Robin neglect to remove his Utility Belt, so Batman uses it to break out of his jail cell and goes to help Superman and Robin stop the Red Raven Gang. Batman then accidentally weakens Superman with a chunk of Thulium, his only weakness, and then he's forced to use his detective skills to track the gang back to their headquarters. Signaling Superman to come, the two heroes easily round up the crooks and turn them over to the authorities, rescuing Robin in the process.

Afterward, playing on a hunch, Superman flies Batman in his damaged Batplane high over the Earth, and when Batman notes that the Atlantic coast is very different and proves Superman's theory that Batman has come from a parallel world. Realizing the lightning storm must be how Batman ended up being transported to this world, Superman and Robin help Batman travel back to his reality. Upon his arrival, he goes to Commissioner Gordon's office and is delighted to find his friends the Commissioner, Robin, Batwoman and Vicki Vale all waiting for him.

Appearing in Superman and Batman: "The Batman Nobody Remembered"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Red Raven (Single appearance)(alternate reality)
    • The Red Raven Gang (Single appearance)(alternate reality)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for Green Arrow: "The Magician Boss of the Incas"

The evil Mighty Micro, a magician who is on the run from the law, has fled into South America from Green Arrow and Speedy. The two soon find that Micro has taken over an Incan tribe, using his magic tricks to frighten them into compliance of his wishes. Disguising himself as an Incan, Green Arrow and Speedy work together to overthrow Mighty Micro's rule and restore the original ruler of the Incans back to his throne.

Appearing in Green Arrow: "The Magician Boss of the Incas"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Mighty Micro (Single appearance)





  • This is one of the few issues of the title that Superman does not make an actual appearance.

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