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"Superman & Batman: "The Olsen–Robin Team versus the Superman–Batman Team!"": When a seemingly crackpot inventor shows up at the Daily Planet to get them to write a story about his latest invention a device called the 4-C Predictor, which can predict the future. Thinking this is another luna

Quote1.png No, it proved twice it could foretell the future exactly! And now it's foretold death for Robin and me! I know I'm going to die... Quote2.png
Jimmy Olsen

World's Finest #141 is an issue of the series World's Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1964.

Synopsis for Superman & Batman: "The Olsen–Robin Team versus the Superman–Batman Team!"

When a seemingly crackpot inventor shows up at the Daily Planet to get them to write a story about his latest invention a device called the 4-C Predictor, which can predict the future. Thinking this is another lunatic trying to grab headlines, Lois convinces Jimmy Olsen to take the man up on his "story" in order to get rid of him. Jimmy encourages the man to leave the device with him to check out. When he learns that the machine seemingly can predict the future he is horrified when it tells him that he and Robin are destined to die. Worried about this possible future outcome, Lois tries to look up the professor in the phone book and finds that he is not listed, raising everyone's suspicions.

Superman decides to investigate the story and takes Jimmy to the Batcave to seek the help of Batman and Robin. When Superman attempts to examine the machine with his x-ray vision it disintegrates into nothingness. They next try to get Jimmy to identify any of the criminal scientists in Batman's records as the man who gave him the device, but this to also yields no clues. As the days go on, both Jimmy and Robin become increasingly paranoid about their supposedly impending dooms. Ultimately, they come up with an idea: Using the Flying Newsroom the two boys would travel to a deserted island to hide out until Batman and Superman track down those plotting to kill their sidekicks. With the Batcave and the Fortress of Solitude being obvious hiding places, Batman and Superman agree to let the boys follow their plan.

When the Boy Wonder and Cub Reporter arrive on the island, they then begin preparing a hoax to convince Batman and Superman that they are already dead. Calling Batman and Superman for "help" the two boys convince the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel that they are dead and the two heroes lament the loss of their boy sidekicks. Although Robin and Jimmy hate playing this hoax on their mentors, they do so for good reason: A few days earlier they overheard two crooks who have access to invisibility belts plotting to kidnap both Jimmy and Robin to use as blackmail tools to prevent Batman and Superman from foiling their crimes. Deciding to prevent this from happening, they work with Professor Potter to stage the hoax leading up to their supposed "deaths".

Operating in secret from an abandoned observatory, Jimmy and Robin put their skills together to lead Batman and Superman to the two crooks, leading to their capture. Batman and Superman learn that they got the invisibility belts from Dr. Carl Linden, a scientist dying of lethal exposure to radiation whom they coerced into helping them. With the crooks taken away, Jimmy and Robin reveal to Batman and Superman that they are not truly dead. However, Superman points out that they knew all along, as the boys neglected to wipe off finger prints on the fake coffins they buried into the ground. With the case over, Jimmy and Robin decide to make the observatory their personal club house and put the wax bodies that Batman and Superman used to hoax Jimmy and Robin back as the first of the trophies they put on display as a memento of their adventure together.

Appearing in Superman & Batman: "The Olsen–Robin Team versus the Superman–Batman Team!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Marl (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Supergirl (Flashback only)
  • Dr. Carl Liden (A physicist) (Single appearance)
  • Jimmy Olsen Fan Club (Flashback only)
  • John Grayson (Mentioned only)
  • Rex Rock (A movie star) (Single appearance)
  • "Slugger" Taffett (A professional baseball player) (Single appearance)
  • Titano (Flashback only)




Synopsis for Lois Lane: "The Irresistible Lois Lane!"

This story is reprinted from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #29.

Aliens capture Superman in a Green Kryptonite trap, and Lois Lane smuggles Red Kryptonite to him by kissing Aquaman, Batman, and Green Arrow with Red K-imprinted lipstick. The heroes smear the lipstick from their face to handkerchiefs, which Batman takes to Superman, at the Fortress of Solitude. The Man of Steel smears himself with the Red K, which makes him impervious to Kryptonite poisoning, and allows him to recover and defeat the aliens. Afterwards, Superman gives Lois a well deserved kiss after their plan was a total success.

Appearing in Lois Lane: "The Irresistible Lois Lane!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Aliens

Other Characters: Locations:




  • This is the first issue of World's Finest where Batman is depicted with his bat symbol being surrounded by a yellow oval (but not on the cover yet).

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