"Superman and Batman: "Prison For Heroes"": Alone in his mansion one day, Bruce Wayne hears a strange noise coming from the Batcave below. Going to investigate as Batman he finds a strange glowing sphere that calls him forward. Walking into the sph

World's Finest #145 is an issue of the series World's Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1964.

Appearing in Superman and Batman: "Prison For Heroes"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Vorians (Single appearance)
    • Waraj (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Robin (Mentioned only)
  • Electric Man (Single appearance)
  • Balloon Man (Single appearance)
  • The Freezer (Single appearance)
  • The Flame (Single appearance)


Synopsis for Superman and Batman: "Prison For Heroes"

Alone in his mansion one day, Bruce Wayne hears a strange noise coming from the Batcave below. Going to investigate as Batman he finds a strange glowing sphere that calls him forward. Walking into the sphere, Batman is transported to an alien world where he is hypnotized into being a hard-case warden of an intergalactic prison for super-heroes. Under the control of alien forces, Batman tricks Superman into coming to the planet. When the Man of Steel arrives the aliens that are in charge place a filter over the sun that this world orbits around making it red, stripping Superman of most of his powers.

Forced into a prison cell, Superman finds that he is not alone as it is populated by other heroes from other worlds: Electric Man, Balloon Man, The Freezer and The Flame. They are only given rations of bread and water and forced by Batman to go out and toil in intensive labor. As Superman's powers completely fade, he grows to hate the cruel warden that Batman has become. With what little powers he has left, Superman helps free himself and his fellow prisoners, and helps his comrades secretly use their powers to make it look as though Superman has somehow regained his powers. In this they overpower Batman and force him to go out and toil.

All this is being watched by the two masterminds of this plot: two Vorians, aliens of criminal intent. Seeing their plan to imprison the universe's heroes going to pot decide to go to the planet and investigate. While they are on their way, Superman finds the device that hypnotized Batman and reverse conditions him. With the Dark Knight restored to normal, he sends him on a mission to destroy the sun filter. When the Vorians arrive to see how Superman cheated their device they confront him just as Batman succeeds in his mission. With is powers fully restored, Superman captures the Vorians, leaves them stranded on their prison world, and goes to Vor to stop the planet's cataclysmic plans to overthrow multiple worlds.

With the other heroes free and Vor's plans thwarted, Superman and Batman return home to Earth.

Appearing in Green Arrow: "The Underwater Archers"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Horace "The Wizard" Kates

Other Characters:




Synopsis for Green Arrow: "The Underwater Archers"

This story is reprinted from Adventure Comics #267.

Arriving at his secret hideout, "The Wizard" informs his thugs that they will begin committing crimes at sea where they'll be safe from Green Arrow. Green Arrow has been tipped off by this plot so he and Speedybegin developing bows and arrows that work underwater and begin training so that they can properly fight their foe at sea. When "The Wizard" attempts to hijack a ship to steal its gold, Green Arrow and Speedy arrive to stop the crooks, but they manage to escape in a miniature sub. Later Green Arrow and Speedy go to the rescue of a ship that has crashed into an iceberg. They soon discover the iceberg is really a secret ship belonging to "The Wizard" and they use salt to dissolve it, but not before "The Wizard" and his main thugs get away once more. Sick of Green Arrow interfering, "The Wizard" finds a giant undersea fire breathing lizard that was awoken from its slumber by recent nuclear tests. He goads the monster into attacking Green Arrow and Speedy, however the tide turns when Green Arrow spots Aquaman's pet octopus Topo “I met him once years ago” and by concentrating with all his “telepathic power” gets to turn the sea monster away. Green Arrow and Speedy capture "The Wizard" and send him back to jail. Returning to Star City, Green Arrow and Speedy are greeted by Aquaman and they congratulate each other on capturing their respective villains in each other's hunting grounds.


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