"Superman and Batman: "The Menace of the Moonman"": One evening, the military gets Superman to help them with a space mission to send a man around the moon. Superman uses his super-strength to help toss a rocket containing astronaut [[Brice Rogers (Earth-One)|Brice Rogers]

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World's Finest #98 is an issue of the series World's Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1958.

Appearing in Superman and Batman: "The Menace of the Moonman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Moonman (First appearance)
  • Harbor Pirates

Other Characters

  • Unnamed General




Synopsis for Superman and Batman: "The Menace of the Moonman"

One evening, the military gets Superman to help them with a space mission to send a man around the moon. Superman uses his super-strength to help toss a rocket containing astronaut Brice Rogers around the moon. Watching his progress with his x-ray vision, Superman watches as the rocket travels through the trail of a strange green comet before it returns to Earth. When the rocket lands, Rogers exits the rocket seemingly no worse for wear.

Later that night, Superman, Batman and Robin arrive as guests of honors at the grand opening of a new historic vehicles exhibit. As they walk around looking at the vintage vehicles and marveling at how far the human race has come they are suddenly confronted by a glowing costumed man calling himself Moon-Man. Somehow, the Moon-Man's radiance causes Superman to weaken and when Batman and Robin try to apprehend him, he uses fantastic magnetic powers to trip them up before flying off in a chariot by repelling the Earth's gravity. Despite Batman's attempt at capturing him, Moon-Man gets away.

The next morning as Brice Rogers reads his morning paper he reads about he chariot theft. When he goes into his garage later that morning he is shocked to find the stolen chariot parked next to his car. He calls in Superman, Batman, and Robin who deduce that Moon-Man must have stashed the vehicle there to pick it up later and they decide to hide out and wait for the crook. When the moon rises, Rogers undergoes a strange transformation into Moon-Man, and as Superman weakens once more, the Dynamic Duo realizes that Rogers was in reality Moon-Man.

When Moon-Man escapes, the three heroes realize that the comet that Roger's rocket passed must have contained some Kryptonite dust, and that combined with the rays of the moon caused his strange transformation. With Moon-Man obsessed with Moon-Related crimes, the three heroes attempt to stop him from stealing the moonstone from the local museum's exhibit on India. They fail again, and Moon-Man manages to get away, hiding out near the docks until dawn. When Moon-Man's personality returns to that of law-abiding Brice Rogers, he is horrified to learn that he is really Moon-Man. Calling out to Batman, Superman and Robin that he surrenders, he is overheard by two crooks who take him hostage and escape before the three heroes can stop them.

That night when Brice turns back into Moon-Man, he goes with the two criminals to rob the "Moon-Room", featuring a giant replica of the moon to show how future expeditions will mine its surface. When they arrive to steal the real gold and silver on display, they are attacked by Batman and Robin. After a brief struggle, Moon-Man uses his magnetic powers to send the fake moon (along with Batman and Robin) hurtling towards space. Superman saves Batman and Robin from death.

When dawn breaks, Rogers awakens in an abandoned store next to a radio repair shop and hears reports about how he almost killed Batman and Robin and is horrified. That night Moon-Man brings the crooks to steal a special blimp. When Moon-Man brings it down, it turns out to be a trap sprung by Superman, Batman and Robin. As it turns out, during the day, Brice went to Superman who learned the effects causing his Moon-Man powers had worn off as they were only temporary. Deciding to capture the crooks, they set up this ruse to capture them. With their mission accomplished, Rogers is allowed to be free as he is not criminally responsible for his actions as Moon-Man and with the knowledge they learned he is ready to go on more missions to the moon.

Appearing in Tomahawk: "The Strange Hero of Fort Mascot"

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Supporting Characters:


Synopsis for Tomahawk: "The Strange Hero of Fort Mascot"

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Appearing in Green Arrow: "The Unmasked Archers"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Speedy (Flashback and main story)


  • thugs




Synopsis for Green Arrow: "The Unmasked Archers"

When Oliver Queen's membership into an exclusive club involves an initiation prank featuring a fake newspaper revealing (albeit unintentionally) that Oliver Queen and Roy Harper are really Green Arrow and Speedy, the two heroes believe it's a real newspaper. Revealing their identities to the chief of police is met with laughter, at the chief believes it's just Oliver playing a practical joke.

When robbers make a getaway, the chief calls Oliver and invites him to watch the real Green Arrow in person. Having to show up as Oliver in a Green Arrow costume, Oliver and Roy use a series of gimmicked arrows to make it appear as though Green Arrow is ambushing the crooks and leaves just as they are rounded up, protecting Oliver's secret identity by verifying to everyone that Oliver is just playing a joke.



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