"Superman and Batman: "Batman's Super Spending Spree"": Batman surprises Robin one day when he comes home to the Batcave with a briefcase full of a million dollars. When Robin asks the Caped Crusader what he intends to do, Batman te

Quote1 I haven't got money to throw away! What do you think I am-- a millionaire? Quote2

World's Finest #99 is an issue of the series World's Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1959.

Appearing in Superman and Batman: "Batman's Super Spending Spree"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Larry Verrill (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Professor Welkin (Single appearance)
  • Vince Verrill (Single appearance)



Synopsis for Superman and Batman: "Batman's Super Spending Spree"

Batman surprises Robin one day when he comes home to the Batcave with a briefcase full of a million dollars. When Robin asks the Caped Crusader what he intends to do, Batman tells him that he intends to spend it. Soon enough, there are ads in the newspapers by Batman telling the whole world that he has a million dollars that he is looking to spend on anything. Such an ad catches the eye of Clark Kent, who races off to Gotham City as Superman to see if he can talk Batman out of spending a million dollars without any good reason. When he finds Robin alone in the Batcave, Superman asks him what he knows, and Robin has no idea what Batman's spending spree is all about.

Batman's first endeavor is to start up a sea salvage company and promptly hires a crew to search the bottom of Gotham Bay. While experts warn Batman that there is absolutely nothing of value in the waters outside Gotham City, Batman presses on. Seeing that Batman will lose his investment, Superman uses his super abilities to transport a sunken ship filled with gold bullion to the bay to be recovered. When the ship is discovered Professor Welkin of the Natural History Museum purchases the find off Batman for 150,000 dollars, netting the Caped Crusader a profit, something Batman didn't want to do at all.

When Batman next attempts to hire miners to search for valuable minerals through a vein of ground that has no more value left, Superman speeds out into space to find a way to avoid Batman wasting his money. As Batman races to the mine, some crooks attempt to rob him of his money by blasting a bridge and ambushing him. Batman, however, beats them into submission and then jumps over the ruined bridge in the Batmobile. When he arrives at the site of the mine a meteor loaded with a fortune in silver is hurled by Superman to the ground above the mine, making his second attempt at a wasteful business a failure.

When Batman attempts to invest money in a Robot that counts grains of sand for a $100,000 dollars, the robot goes on a rampage. When Superman intervenes and repairs the damage the robot has caused, he turns it over to a construction company that finds it ideal for digging through dirt and purchase it from Batman for $125,000 dollars. Superman is puzzled when Batman snaps at him to stay out of his business. However, later when another gang of crooks attempt to rob Batman and Superman helps him recover the stolen money, Superman is even more confused to learn why he wants to get rid of his money so badly, yet is glad that it isn't stolen.

Superman tracks down the crooks who attempted to steal the money and attempts to arrest them when the lead mobster tells the Man of Steel that they were only intending to hold the money for four days. A perplexed Superman gets an explanation: When the wealthy Carl Verril died, his will stipulated that his nephew Larry was to get only $100,000 dollars, because he is a wastrel. His son, Vincent, however, was to receive $1 million, but had to spend his million dollars in four days, and become penniless. If he succeeded in that task, and learned what it's like to be wasteful with money, Vincent would be awarded another ten million dollars. However, if he failed, that money would instead go to Larry. Vincent fell ill and arranged to have Batman carry out his goal under the condition that he tell nobody why he was wasting the money. Vincent agreed and offer to donate nine of his ten million to charity if Batman succeeded. Larry finishes his tale by explaining he became jealous of his cousin and sought to foil his mission so that he could reap the ten million for himself.

Realizing what has happened, Superman decides to help Batman out by offering to sell him trophies from his Fortress of Solitude's trophy room totaling $1 million. Because the trophies only have sentimental value, Batman succeeds in his task. Then to get rid of all the additional profit he made, Superman tricks the crooks who "ripped" Batman off on the mine operation by selling them the mine is subject to another silver meteor landing (which in reality is just a normal worthless meteor coated in silver paint). With their goal achieved, Vincent wins his families inheritance. Later when out with Superman and Batman, Robin marvels over a new bicycle and hopes to get it for his birthday. Superman and Batman jokingly tell the Boy Wonder that Batman isn't a millionaire.

Appearing in Green Arrow: "Crimes Under Glass"

Supporting Characters:


  • thugs




Synopsis for Green Arrow: "Crimes Under Glass"

Three crooks have started pulling off heists using different gimmicks involving lenses and mirrors. Their first robbery utilizes a giant magnifying lens that melts open a bank safe, bringing the attention of Green Arrow and Speedy. While the two heroes manage to stop the crooks from running off with the loot, their helicopter uses mirrors to make them hard to see and the crooks manage to get away.

Their next heist uses a giant mirror that scares the guards bringing out money when they think they are being attacked by monsters. When Green Arrow and Speedy arrive, the crooks try to blind them with a light reflecting crystal, however the two archers block it with their ink arrows and knock their dirigible out of the sky, making it easy for the police to catch them.

Appearing in Tomahawk: "The Frontier Rogues Gallery"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Synopsis for Tomahawk: "The Frontier Rogues Gallery"

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