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Points of Interest

  • Crystal Lake: The shining blue Crystal Lake is the center point of the world. It lies between the City of the Center, Darkseid Marshes, Broken Mountains and the Hanging Valleys. It is home to Aquan and is filled with sea life.
  • Gotham Crags: The Crags are a dark, haunted series of mountains and deep caves. It lies above the Gotham Plateau and surrounded by the Darkseid Marshes and Luthorian Villages. It was the site of one of the greatest battles between The Beast's forces and the Brothers of the Night. It eventually was cleared out and became a new home for wayward children. A remade land run by Robin Drake and Zatanna.
  • Hanging Valleys: The verdant green forests of the Hanging Valleys shroud the Hidden Valley and separate the Fields of Stone from the Crystal Lake. They are home to the Green Arrow who spends his time between there and the City of the Center.
  • City of the Center: The powerful City of the Center is run by the Three Men; Wee Man, Fast Man, and Green Man. It lies south of the Farmlands, north of the Crystal Lake, west of the Darkseid Marshes and east of the Emerald Lake. It is home to Green Arrow
  • Hidden Valley: A secret location for the last of the Hawkmen, the Hidden Vally lies south of the Emerald Lake, surrounded by the Hanging Valleys and High Peaks. It is home to Hawkman and Hawkwoman.
  • Krypton City: The capital city of Kryptonia, west of the Falls of Apokalips. It is home to King Jorel and his wife and runs in constant conflict with Luthoria. Run now by the powerful and previously sickly King Kal'El, it has survived countless takeover attempts.
  • Kryptonia: The fateful land of Kryptonia has been marked by conflict for centuries. After a political split from Amazonia and the war with Luthoria, Kryptonia stood as a powerful nation led by a monarchy of wealthy leaders.
  • Amazonia: The beautiful and mystical land of Amazonia. Home to Queen Diana and the Amazons, it is also the death site of Hawkman. It is fiercely protected and suddenly hostile to outsiders after a bad interaction with Kryptonia. It's battle hardened people lie north of the Scarred Lands and the Black Needles.
  • Haven: The peaceful and quaint land of Haven. It was a quiet and distant town lying on a peak overlooking the Field of Stones sitting at the edge of the Plain of World's End. It was destroyed by Dragonman and The Beast's minions. It was the home of Goodman Drake, Mother Drake, Robin Drake, and Dinah.
  • Darkseid Marshes: The dark and evil Darkseid Marshes was the drain off of the Crystal Lake. When things die in the lake they end up in the Marshes. But one thing has never been able to rest in peace within the marshes, the Phantom Stranger.
  • Abyss: The Crystal Lake bleeds south through the High Peaks and empties out through the Endless Falls. The Broiling Ocean is the final resting place of those that fail to make it through the Abyss and only one being has survived it's depths and that was The Beast. Within the Abyss lies a cave where Jonzz once lived in relative peace until he was made into the stuff of reanimated nightmares. Now those that come into contact with Jonzz become things like the Dragonman.
  • Portal of Bones: The deathly Portal of Stones lies north of the Field of Stones and is the only way through the High Peaks to reach the Hanging Valleys. It's immortal guardian is the demented Doomsday.
  • Luthoria: The bloodied and harsh lands of Luthoria run in constant upheaval against their neighbors Kryptonia. Lead by Luthor Rex, the nation seeks the wealth and fertile lands of Kryptonia and will fight to the death to unite it's villages with that of Krypton City.
  • High Peaks: The highest reaches in the world, next to Gotham Crags. The High Peaks were the ancestral home of the Hawkmen but they were killed and driven out by the Beast's forces.
  • Plain of World's End: The plains of the World's End was the major and final site of the battle between the forces of good and evil. When the three nations of Amazonia, Kryptonia and Gotham Crags were united by the men and women of Haven they were finally able to end the Beast once and for all.
  • Riddler's Lair: One the highest peak in Haven lies the twisted tower, home to the Riddler. It was visited first by Robin and later by Dragonman. It did not survive the second visiting.
  • Elysia
  • Black Needles
  • Emerald Lake
  • Scarred Lands
  • Endless Falls
  • Broiling Ocean
  • Wastelands
  • Farmlands
  • Broken Mountains
  • Falls of Apokalips
  • Gotham Plateau
  • Mournful Forests
  • The Beast's Cave

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