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"A Reporter's Story": Perry White is in his Daily Planet office watching the front page of Superman battling a green-skinned alien. Perry congratulates Jimmy for getting the front page picture and then sends him,

Quote1 You may be ready to crawl away to some retirement village in Florida, but I'm not! You haven't heard the last of this, you old @#$%! And neither have the rest of you! Bunch of tired-out old %#$@ sitting around on your pimply old $%#&@s all day! I remember when this was a real newspaper, not a %#@& rich man's... er... oh... ah... if you'll... er... excuse me, ma'am... Quote2
Perry White

World of Metropolis #1 is an issue of the series World of Metropolis (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1988.

Synopsis for "A Reporter's Story"

Perry White is in his Daily Planet office watching the front page of Superman battling a green-skinned alien. Perry congratulates Jimmy for getting the front page picture and then sends him, Lois, and Clark back to work. As they walk out, Perry reads an article regarding Lex Luthor opening new LexCorp offices in Vietnam, and that makes him remember some past experiences he had with Lex.

In a flashback, perry arrives at Metropolis International Airport after being eighteen months in southeast Asia reporting on a war. An employee working for Lex Luthor sees him leaving the airport and phone-calls and notifies his boss about Perry's arrival. Alice Spencer, who was dating Lex, overhears the conversation and confronts him for not telling the truth about her former lover being alive and returning to Metropolis, and the discussion ends with Alice leaving Lex.

Alice visits Perry at his apartment, reuniting with her lover. They go out on a dinner, where she tells Perry that Lex is selling the Daily Planet. Angry, Perry decides to crash at LexCorp and confront him for that decision. The businessman tells him the newspaper is a “relic of the past”, and offers Perry a position at the new Wlex TV station, an offer he rejects immediately. As Perry and Alice leave the building, Lex gives her an earring she forgot in his dressing room, giving away the fact that they were dating on Perry's back.

A few days pass, and a group of kids visits the Daily Planet on a school trip. At that same moment, Perry blows out of his boss's office yelling about how the Planet was a real newspaper before he went to southeast Asia. He realizes kids are listening and, ashamed, walks out of the building, with a young Lois Lane cheering for him.

Back at his apartment, Perry calls Ling, an Asian cartel boss who owed him a favor, and asks him to stand up against Lex Luthor to buy the Daily Planet. Ling replies saying he wants a guarantee that this rescue operation will succeed: putting Perry as the editor of the newspaper. Both agree to the terms and hang the phones. Alice arrives at his apartment. Hurt, Perry tells her she was the most important thing in his life until he found out about her relationship with Luthor, saying he always wanted what Perry wanted, and that this time he succeeded. To that, Alice assures him that Lex will never have her love, so Perry forgives her.

The Daily Planet is saved by Ling's international cartel, and Perry White marries Alice Spencer. Alice gives the good news that she is pregnant and Perry goes to celebrate with his fellow workers. Alice stares at the LexCorp building from Perry's window, shedding a tear as she turns away.

Back in the present-day, Perry meets with her wife for lunch and is surprised to find his son, Jerry, who wants to talk because a friend convinced him of doing so. A police car's siren and Superman flying by caught Perry's attention, but he ignores it and enters the restaurant with his family.

Appearing in "A Reporter's Story"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bert (Single appearance)
  • Feeney (Single appearance)
  • George (Mentioned only)
  • Harry (Single appearance)
  • Johnson (Single appearance)
  • Ling (Single appearance)
  • Macklehenney (Single appearance)
  • Maisie (Single appearance)
  • Metropolis Police Department
  • Ms. Maguire (Single appearance)
  • Mr. Grover (Single appearance)
  • Nancy (Single appearance)
  • Stanley Jackson (Mentioned only)
  • Yvonne (Single appearance)





  • This issue implies Lex Luthor is the biological father of Jerry White.

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