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"Mr. Kent Goes to Metropolis!": Superman reflects on his experiences when he just arrived in Metropolis as Clark Kent.

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Clark Kent

World of Metropolis #3 is an issue of the series World of Metropolis (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1988.

Synopsis for "Mr. Kent Goes to Metropolis!"

Superman reflects on his experiences when he just arrived in Metropolis as Clark Kent.

After stopping a group of thieves, Clark attends an appointment with the dean of Metropolis University for a chance to do an admittance test. Clark realizes his midwest accent gives him away as a farm boy and decides to do something to blend in with the city. He then gets a night job in a restaurant, where he meets Ruby, a co-worker who has a crush on him. She takes him home in her car and kisses him before he gets out.

Clark goes flying around Metropolis again and finds Lois Lane about to be intentionally run over by a car while pursuing a story for the Daily Planet. Unnoticed, he removes the rear wheels and Lois escapes the scene. Clark heard Lois mention she worked for the Daily Planet, and that gives him the idea to get a career as a reporter. After that little altercation, Clark arrives late at the MU to attend to his admittance test. Having only two hours to complete a four-hour-long test, he uses his super-speed and heat vision powers to make it on time, impressing the dean by his speed and correct answers as a result.

Two years pass, and Clark develops a closer but brief relationship with Ruby, and they part ways when he resigns from the restaurant night job to become a reporter. Back in the present-day, Superman reflects on the effect she had on him, and he admits she is responsible for turning him into a city dweller. He decides to surprise and visit Ruby as Clark Kent at her house, where she lives with her husband and two kids.

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  • Bert (Single appearance)
  • Bobby (Single appearance)
  • Clarence (Single appearance)
  • Morrie (Single appearance)
  • Steve (Single appearance)

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  • The title to this issue is taken from the 1939 Frank Capra film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starring Jimmy Stewart.

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