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Quote1 It calls itself Worldkiller-1. It claims to be Kryptonian armor, though it is somehow alive. And like a cosmic parasite, it wants to make me its "host" as part of some twisted, galaxy-wide, genocidal campaign to strengthen alien worlds. Quote2
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Worldkiller-1 was an enemy of Supergirl.

Worldkiller-1 was the first of the Worldkillers, biological weapons created in Krypton[1] by Zor-El (a fact which he would eventually deeply regret).[2] Although the remainder Worldkillers were genetically altered alien specimens created to conquer, Worldkiller-1 was a symbiotic parasite and was created to "empower".[3] He believed that a race would become stronger if they were faced with the loss of their home planet, and his mission was to cull the "weak".

The five Worldkillers survived the destruction of Krypton, but Worldkiller-1 left the group at some point. Eventually he came upon the Diasporan race, and possessed their ruler. Posing as the Diasporan King, Worldkiller-1 sent the Diasporan army out to reinforce alien species by slaying whoever was too weak to fight them off.[4]

Worldkiller-1 learned from the existence of Supergirl when the Kryptonian hero and two Red Lanterns drove the Diasporan fleet out of planet Grax.[5] Regarding Supergirl, who lost her homeworld and became stronger, as the epitome of his beliefs, and coveting the body of a Red Lantern Kryptonian, Worldkiller-1 transferred his space fleet to the solar system and laid a trap.[6]

His troops attempted to capture Supergirl, but the Red Lantern Kryptonian easily beat them down and then attacked the Diasporan ships. When he finally came face-to-face with Kara, Worldkiller-1 revealed his true identity and aspect (a shape-shifting blob of inky, gelatinous sentient matter). Then he tried to bond with her.[3] During the battle, he let slip that if he didn't manage to take over her body, he'd possess her cousin's. Nevertheless, Kara managed to weaken him and hurled him into the Sun, ending his threat.[7]



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