"The Price of Fame": After the man she thought was Michael Holt reveals himself to be the monstrous DeSaad instead, Karen Starr is, naturally, none too pleased. Both she and her friend [[Helena Wayne (Earth 2)|Hele

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Worlds' Finest #12 is an issue of the series Worlds' Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2013.

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Synopsis for "The Price of Fame"

After the man she thought was Michael Holt reveals himself to be the monstrous DeSaad instead, Karen Starr is, naturally, none too pleased. Both she and her friend Helena can tell already that this creature comes from Apokolips. Unable to change into her costume at such a crowded party, Helena improvises by ripping down a pointed curtain rod, and hurling it like a javelin at DeSaad's head. Unfortunately, he proves to be quite solid, and it bends on contact. Despite his obvious antagonism toward Karen, though, he seems to be unaware of the fact that she is neither human nor of this world.

As she is attacked by Holt Industries security, Karen realizes that DeSaad is only showing his true form to she and Helena. As far as everyone else is concerned, they are fighting openly with Michael Holt. Rather than keep fighting DeSaad in cocktail dresses, Karen decides to make a tactical escape, grabbing Helena up in her arms as she flies away.

Months ago in Tokyo, Helena was fighting a Yakuza gang under the guise of the Huntress. Though she had done well against the ones armed with swords, a retinue armed with automatic weapons required Karen's intervention as Power Girl. They were there to question the gang about how the man called Ryouta, who was once a part of their gang, came to be Hakkou. Despite the effort Helena had put into tracing him back to the gang, their victims knew nothing. This came as an annoyance for Karen, who had interrupted a Starr Industries press conference for the mission - annoying because she had grown to like fame, since her cousin Kal-El had essentially kept her in hiding on their earth.

Now, Karen's fame is turning to infamy. Over the last ten days, her stock has crashed, her scientists have been lured away, and the press is turning on her. Helena assures her that it is surely DeSaad who is manufacturing Karen's downfall with the help of Apokoliptian technology. This is soon followed by the bad news that her lab in Cambridge has exploded. In just a few deft motions, Karen is in her new costume, and flying off, dragging Helena across the world by her wrist.

Unfortunately, in their absence, DeSaad uses a Boom Tube to launch an attack on Starr Island. After bringing destruction to the island, he comes upon Somya, who is injured. He can sense immediately that she loves Karen, and decides that he can cause the most pain by killing her.

Within two hours, Karen and Helena return to find their friends dead. Karen blames herself at first, but soon turns her ire toward those who are truly responsible. The pair of them decide to go underground and destroy DeSaad together.


  • The appearance of Power Girl's costume suggests that the events of Supergirl (Volume 6) #19 take place between DeSaad's revelation at Holt Industries and the explosion at the Cambridge Lab.


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