"A Deadly Threat From Earth 2?": At the destroyed lab, Power Girl is angered that this interloping "Hakkou, the Irradiated Man" has destroyed the Quantum Tunnelling device that she worked so hard to build, in the hopes that it would get she and

Quote1 I think this world might turn out to be our hell... So different... At least I'm still invulnerable... Just feel different here... Body's not working the same way... Quote2
Kara Zor-L

Worlds' Finest #2 is an issue of the series Worlds' Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2012. It was published on June 6, 2012.

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Synopsis for "A Deadly Threat From Earth 2?"

At the destroyed lab, Power Girl is angered that this interloping "Hakkou, the Irradiated Man" has destroyed the Quantum Tunnelling device that she worked so hard to build, in the hopes that it would get she and the Huntress back to their home on Earth 2. Regardless of her anger and power, Kara is slapped back by Hakkou's fists. In a manner that Helena hasn't seen since they left their universe, Hakkou is able to hurt Kara. Righteously, Huntress fires an arrow into the back of Hakkou's head that sends him running through the wall and out into the night, escaping. Power Girl wakes up in her partner's arms for a second time, and Huntress supposes that maybe Hakkou's radiation comes from Kryptonite - or perhaps, it stems from Apokolips.

Kara still remembers the pain of the night they landed in this world, five years ago. They hoped that the virus that Batman planted in the Parademons' towers managed to send Darkseid and his creatures back to Apokalips. Kara wondered if, maybe, this new world would become their own hell. It was so different from their home. She had tried to burn her old costume, but something prevented it from catching. Maybe it was a sign that she was meant to return to her home. Helena shook her by the shoulders, determined that they should make lives for themselves in this new world, as best they could.

58 months ago, they had been in Paris, and it had begun to dawn on them that this world was similar, but different from their home world. Darkseid existed in their new universe, but he was in no way as close to dominating it as he was in their old one. Still, Kara was certain that the Darkseid known in this world was the same as the one they saw in theirs - which means that they can travel between the two worlds, so long as he can. Meanwhile, they had found a belt among the debris that wouldn't burn in the fire when they arrived, and they suspected that it might belong to someone they might need to track down.

Weeks ago, in Micronesia, Kara had by then created a multinational company and become very rich and powerful. She had begun selling rare earths, studying theses on stable parallel worlds, and had won an interview with Time Magazine. She had also garnered the prestige to be able to keep Time Magazine waiting. At that time, the prototype she stole from Holt Industries was ready to go in Japan, and the outfit she had ordered was ready. Before heading to Japan, Kara would go gather some of the rare earths. This was part of a unique scam she had created. China's prices for rare earths had increased, and Kara could easily retrieve rare earths by diving into the deep sea surrounding the Micronesian islands to gather dysprosium. Her physiology made her uniquely capable of withstanding the high pressure of the deep sea, giving her a monopoly on the market. After dragging a massive boulder of dysprosium up to the surface, Kara's assistant warned that she might have to give Helena some help in escaping Italy.

Now, Kara and Helena use a special piece of equipment to track the signal created by Hakkou's radiation. It can't be nuclear radiation, because Kara is immune. She deduces that he must be related to their "follower".

At the Gotham City National Bank, a broker notices that three identical transfers of $387,000 were made from the same account over a short period of time, sparking his suspicions.

Helena warns Kara to stay back from Hakkou, and uses her arrows to distract him. She notices hints of the Apokoliptian Army in his fighting style, and continues to bait him. As he approaches her in rage, Kara comes plummeting down upon him, slamming him down into the ground. As she pummels him, he unleashes a powerful blast that sends her screaming. Helena stands over her fallen friend, planning to defend Kara with her life - and Hakkou is only too willing to see that she does.


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