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"World's End?": Having finally arrived on their homeworld of Earth 2, Power Girl and Huntress find it hard to believe that this wasteland is home. Angrily, Huntress complains that she followed her friend home only to come back to the b

Quote1.png I knew I was going to die here... Kara... why did we have to come back? Quote2.png

Worlds' Finest #26 is an issue of the series Worlds' Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 13, 2014.

Synopsis for "World's End?"

Having finally arrived on their homeworld of Earth 2, Power Girl and Huntress find it hard to believe that this wasteland is home. Angrily, Huntress complains that she followed her friend home only to come back to the biggest Boom Tube they've ever seen forming overhead. If Kara insists on staying, she requires that they do some research before they end up dead like the people they love. Dutifully, Kara flies up overhead and uses her telescopic vision to determine that all of the Apokoliptians on the planet are medium level, and she is surprised and pleased to sense the Kryptonian presence of her cousin Kal-El. Grabbing Helena, she flies toward him, as her friend notes that the Parademons below seem strangely disorganized. En route, though, the pair are swamped by the creatures, and separated.

Meanwhile, back on the other Earth, seventeen-year-old doctor Tanya Spears wakes as rescue crews attempt to extract her from the debris of Starr Laboratories. Gerhard explains that the entire city went dark after Karen and her friend went through the portal, and now all the things they worked for are broken and burnt. Fortunately, there were no deaths. Proof as to whether Karen actually did make it home will have to wait until they can rebuild. Pinned by a heavy piece of debris, Tanya realizes that she can move her arms, and lifts the debris off of herself miraculously. With surprise, Gerhard watches her lift it high over her head with hitherto unknown super-strength.

DeSaad, meanwhile, celebrates his return to Earth 2, but worries that Darkseid is not present - though Apokolips' influence is certainly being felt. Seeing that the Boom Tube overhead is of man-made origin, he travels to its source.

Tanya can't imagine how she could possibly be so strong, despite the emergency workers' assurances that more than one man could do nothing to budge the debris she just tossed away like it was nothing. Hoping to ensure she's alright, some EMTs attempt to take her blood, and bend the needle against her skin, unexpectedly. Overwhelmed, Tanya decides it's time to leave, but is taken aback when her attempt to open the door tears it from its hinges.

Helena is sure that the men in Superman and Batman suits that Kara saw can't possibly be their family members. Knowing she must be right, but not ready to give up hope, Kara suggests they at least find out who these men are.

At M.I.T., Tanya has herself tested by a professor Romberger, seeking an explanation, but he can provide none easily. He suggests she establish factors and build a causal hypothesis. She notes that the change occurred near the dimensional portal and involves abilities similar to Karen Starr's. Energies were released from the portal with unpredictable manifestations. She had previously encountered DeSaad, but seemed to be immune to his psychic effect. All these statements are true - but why? Dr. Romberger reminds her that she is remarkably intelligent for her age, and is sure she will find the answers. As they leave the lab, the pair are interrupted by a lawyer who explains that he has come with Karen Starr's will, which bequeaths her the name of Power Girl.

DeSaad learns from one of the lab technicians on the site that the Boom Tube is part of an infinite particle loop which will allow Apokolips to devour this world.

Huntress and Power Girl, meanwhile, approach Geneva, where the Wonders of the World are already trying to close the Boom Tube and fight off the Apokoliptians.

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  • In this issue, Power Girl and Huntress return to Earth 2, and their stories in Worlds' Finest end. Starting next issue, Worlds' Finest changes focus to present stories about the untold history of Earth 2.

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