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"Rebirth, Conclusion": With Hakkou, the Nuclear Man just tossed into Tokyo Bay, Power Girl and Huntress rush to catch up, and put a stop to him. Along the way, they wonder how his radiation could hurt Kara, when sh

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Worlds' Finest #4 is an issue of the series Worlds' Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2012.

Synopsis for "Rebirth, Conclusion"

With Hakkou, the Nuclear Man just tossed into Tokyo Bay, Power Girl and Huntress rush to catch up, and put a stop to him. Along the way, they wonder how his radiation could hurt Kara, when she is supposed to be invulnerable. Still paranoid, Kara worries that he may be somehow related to Darkseid, who destroyed their Earth.

Thinking that she had thrown Hakkou into a place where he could do less damage, Kara is surprised to see how much damage he can do to the ships in the bay. Helena asks to be dropped on one of the intact ships to begin a rescue effort while Kara faces the real threat. Firstly, though, Kara attempts to deal with an oil spill, which is the result of Hakkou's work. Unfortunately, her attempt to raise the leaking tanker up out of the water backfires when it splits in two over her head, and spills the remainder of its contents into the ocean. Sighing, she uses her heat vision to burn the oil away.

Forty-five months ago, Kara and Helena had made their way to Rome, noting that the city was prettier in this new world than it had been on theirs. Kara had, in the meantime, been breaking into technological research facilities in the hopes of finding some way to get back home. She planned to purchase some property in Micronesia to build her own research company - but she needed the money to do that.

A man named Roberto called out in Italian that he heard they needed money, and tried to involve them in a party with cocaine. In disgust, Kara blew the cocaine back into their car, dispersing it. Angrily, Roberto tried to slap her across the face, only to find that it was more painful for him than for her. She picked up the car in one hand, and began waving it around playfully, with its occupants looking on in horror. Meanwhile, Roberto's friends decided that they might take out their anger on Helena, who seemed powerless. Sighing, Helena knocked them all unconscious, while Kara crushed the car. Helena admitted that she had missed the fun of beating up thugs.

Helena had been growing restless, with little opportunity to exercise her training. She spent her nights researching the man and woman who would be her parents, if this were her world. She could never talk to them, because they would never believe her story. She missed her old life of vigilantism, and a page from a magazine depicting the effectiveness of the crossbow gave her an idea.

Now, having picked up as many survivors as they could, Helena urges the boat she commandeered to get her closer to Hakkou. Reluctantly, the captain gets closer while Power Girl returns her attention to the Nuclear Man again. A nearby sub fires a missile at Hakkou, and he redirects it toward Tokyo, forcing Kara to chase after it. It goes off in her arms, but she survives it.

Helena realizes that the ship's Geiger counter is showing her as radioactive, but it begins picking up an even stronger source of radiation nearby. The captain explains that there is a US missile cruiser nearby carrying tactical nukes. Helena decides that she needs to get onto that cruiser. From the US ship, she contacts Kara, and explains her plan to give Hakkou more radiation than he can handle by actually firing one of the tactical nukes at him. This, against the protests of the crew, who fear that a nuclear explosion off Tokyo would spark World War III.

Kara flies down into the Cruiser and drags out the nuclear warhead, throwing it into Hakkou's open mouth. The massive explosion seems to overload him, and he disperses into the atmosphere, with no fallout left behind. Turning on her, the American navy tries to arrest Helena, but she is saved again by Kara. The two of them fly away, arguing about who ought to get top billing.

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