"Three Midnights, Far From Home": At their new lab in Cambridge, Power Girl and Huntress are testing out technology meant to analyze the effects of radiation on Karen's powers. Unfortunately, they can't seem to rec

Quote1.png These are expensive. Too expensive for even my budget to replace... So how about you don't break them? Or me. Quote2.png
Karen Starr

Worlds' Finest #5 is an issue of the series Worlds' Finest (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2012.

Appearing in "Three Midnights, Far From Home"

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  • CERN
    • Doctor Gauch
    • Doctor Fritz Abend
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Synopsis for "Three Midnights, Far From Home"

At their new lab in Cambridge, Power Girl and Huntress are testing out technology meant to analyze the effects of radiation on Karen's powers. Unfortunately, they can't seem to recreate the same level of radiation that she was exposed to when they fought Hakkou in Japan, despite the significant damage to Karen's clothing. Despite Helena's intent to acclimate themselves to this new Earth's effect on them, Kara believes - and has believed for five years - that they would be returning to their original dimension somehow. She has hired a group of geniuses to make sure that it happens.

In fact, recently, Karen had visited Cern beneath the Alps, where scientists were working on a super-accelerator in the hopes of expanding physics' knowledge of reality. After arriving, Karen immediately gravitated toward the handsome doctor Fritz Abend. He agreed to show her the Atlas detector, an experimental system meant to explain other dimensions. However, the whole process could take years to perfect. Regardless, Fritz agreed to take Karen on a tour of the Atlas detection in progress. Though he was handsome, the doctor was merely a distraction from what she really wanted to see. She used her X-Ray vision to stare into the accelerator.

Suddenly, a loud boom was followed by a flash of light, and Karen was sure that a portal to another dimension had been opened. She knocked Fritz unconscious, and sent him out of harm's way while she prepared herself to face whatever stepped out. The robotic thing that stepped out of the portal was almost immediately hostile, and Karen had to fight to keep it from damaging the expensive equipment all around. She dragged it out of the underground facility, and up into the open air. When she tried to see into it, to understand what it was, the robot exploded, sending Karen flying - and once again, rendering her clothing useless.

Karen believes that the Atlas detector triggered the appearance of the portal, but unfortunately, CERN doesn't plan on running it again for another year. So, she has hired Fritz away from them to work at the Oxford lab.

Helena had a busy evening recently, as well. She had attended a Take Back the Night protest, and had heard a gunshot. Fortunately, the shot went unnoticed by the protesters, and nobody was shot. So, Helena hoped that the sniper was a bad shot, put on her uniform, and rushed to stop him. She realized that, for some reason, there would always be a man trying to keep women from happiness and safety. She subdued the shooter, and passed him off to the police before returning to the protest as though nothing had happened.

Karen reminds that there will always be another man to replace the ones that Helena takes down, but Helena is content to do what little she can to make the world a better place.


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