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Darkness Manipulation: Wrath was given contact with a powerful mystical artifact which gave her supertropical control over the void people keep suppressed within themselves.[1]

  • Empathy: Wrath is powered by the feeling of anger.
    • Mind Control: Wrath's shadow power can extend to those nearby, controlling them to feel very angry and cause chaos.
  • Superhuman Durability: Wrath is able to be thrown through walls by Superman, even though he was in his weakened state, without any serious injury, even laughing through the beatdown from Superman's anger.[2]
  • Density Control: The shadows that Wrath creates can be used as tentacles to strangle her foes or be used as spiky projectiles.[2]
  • Dark Beasts: Wrath could create shadow monsters who spread her taint across the emotionally distraught.[3]
  • Infection: Wrath's darkness & shadows have an encroaching effect upon those with strong negative emotions. Through it she can infect people and transmogrify them into monstrous transhuman hybrids which phenomenal physical abilities while maintaining control over them.[4]
    • Psychic Link: Wrath maintains a a telepathic connection to everyone whom comes under the thrall of her shadow. Everything they see, feel or otherwise experience, she'll know of it immediately.[1]


  • Deception: Wrath posed as the mayor of Metropolis for a little bit before revealing herself as an enemy of Superman.



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