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The Wyld is an enemy and artificially created "son" of Raven.

The Wyld was a weird side effect of Raven's power. While trying to escape Trigon, she teleported herself across dimensions. In one of these dimensions, the events were altered and the Wyld was "born". He considered himself her son and sought to kill her.

The Wyld appeared suddenly and without warning when attempting to capture Raven, seemingly drawn to her mystical abilities. However, his attempt to capture her fails. Wyld followed Raven back to Titans Tower where he launched a full-scale attack on the Teen Titans and was soundly defeated, but not before maiming Raven's psychic abilities. Before he escaped, Wyld announced that he had gained enough information to allow him victory in future battles.

The Wyld would strike the Titans once again, following their battle with Holocaust in Dakota. This time Wyld captured Raven and took her back to his own universe via a dimensional rift. It was revealed that Wyld had been created by Raven when her soul-self had passed through his dimension while hunting down her father, Trigon.

Teen Titan members Beast Boy, Static, Wonder Girl, Superboy and Kid Flash found a way to enter Wyld's dimension. There, they did battle once again, and Wyld was seemingly destroyed by Static, who had displayed an incredible increase in power while in the dimension.




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