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Wyynde, at the age of 16, was part of a group of extremist Atlanteans called the Purists, who intended to purge the capital Poseidonis from the presence of anyone who was not "pure", that is, those with traits not considered human, considering themselves as the only true descendants of the original Atlanteans. The Purists acted on the orders of the Ocean Master, who was none other than Prince Orm, King Orin's half brother.[1] As the Ocean Master's plans were revealed and the Purists felt used by him, they eventually abandoned him and were forgiven by the King and Queen Mera.[2]

Years later Wyynde is now a good grown man, a member of the Royal Guard of Atlantis and right-hand man of King Orin, who fully assumed his role as King of Atlantis and passed his mantle and title as Aquaman to his pupil Kaldur'ahm, the former Aqualad. Wyynde even acts patrolling the seas alongside Lagoon Boy (La'gaan), who was once a target of Purist prejudice.[3]

Wyynde is also involved in a romantic relationship with Kaldur'ahm (Aquaman), another former target of the Purists.[4]

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