The vampire that was shot by Agent Mulder is founded by his ilks. He is awaken and revived from his injuries in which his leader demands to know what has happened.

X-Files/30 Days of Night #4 is an issue of the series X-Files/30 Days of Night (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2010. It was published on October 20, 2010.

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Fox Mulder
  • Dana Scully

Supporting Characters:

  • Igor
  • Dimitri
  • Norborg


Other Characters:


  • Big Diomede Island, Russian territory
  • Little Diomede Island, American territory



Synopsis for the 1st Story

The vampire that was shot by Agent Mulder is founded by his ilks. He is awaken and revived from his injuries in which his leader demands to know what has happened.

Mulder and Scully tries to keep themselves warm from the burning helicopter wreckage to keep themselves from succumbing to exposure. Mulder realize that they were flying straight to Diomede Island and decide to follow the direction to the island. As they walk some distance away from the wreckage they are suddenly surrounded by Russian soldiers. They are the met by two Russian intelligence officers, Igor and Dimitri, who already acknowledge the FBI agents' reputations and are in the same department in regarding the paranormal. The agents are brought to a Russian installation and learns that they are on Big Diomede Island, which is under Russian territory. They divulge their investigation to the Russians in which Mulder ask them if they heard about the "man without limbs."

Meanwhile, the vampires finds the helicopter wreckage and the agents' foot tracks in which they believe that the agents will lead them to "him".

Mulder and Scully are brought to Little Diomede Island, on the American side, where a cave is served as the home to the person they are looking for; in which the Russians were previously aware of but note that he speaks little and mostly in riddles. They enter the cave, which is built as a makeshift abode find their man, who is reveal to be a nearly-converted and mutilated vampire. The man welcome his visitors and mistakes Agent Scully as "Eleanor", and begins telling his story.

He was a ship captain named Norborg who led several expeditions around the Arctic Circle in the 1800s. On his last voyage, he was secretly looking for an artifact, which he believed to hold the secrets to eternal life, that was previously lost on his last expedition. But he concealed his mission from his crew as they will surely cause a mutiny if they find out the nature of the artifact. After several months Norborg found the artifact in the Bering Strait and hid it somewhere on his ship before planning to sail home. Unfortunately, the artifact was also after by vampires who attacked and killed Norborg's entire crew. The captain was left alive and was brutally interrogated for the artifact's location despite his silence. Finally, they decided to punish Norborg by tearing out his limbs and mutilating his body before turning him by spitting their saliva on his exposed wounds to live out his eternity on a patch of frozen tundra. After a long length of time Norborg was founded by the local natives who they humanely cared him for generations on Little Diomede and treated him as a kind of good luck charm to symbolize his eternal death as a symbol of everlasting life. Norborg directs Scully to his log book that will reveal more before the agents then depart the cave.

After the agents left, the vampires finds Norborg and again demands the artifact's location in this very cave as they know it because it "calls" to them. Norborg still refuse to reveal anything before the vampire leader realize that the artifact is hidden inside a figurehead. The vampires tear the figurehead apart and revealing the artifact to be a small canister. Without the need of Norborg, the vampires tortures him to death in which his screams are heard by the agents. The vampires opens the canister which unveils a small vampiric creature and they begin to use their blood to rejuvenate the creature.


  • Dimitri and Norborg are not named until the next issue.


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