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Quote1 I don't care how nicely you ask or what you threaten me with. I have a duty and that will always be my priority. Quote2
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Xanthe Zhou, also known as The Envoy, is a skilled Chinese-American spirit envoy.[1]


  • Magic: As a spirit envoy, Xanthe has various magical abilities.[1]
    • Portal Creation: Xanthe can create portals between the living and Spirit World if given an offering from someone within the world of the living.[2]



  • Fire-starting ring: Xanthe has rings on both their middle finger and thumb that can set joss paper on fire.
  • Joss papers: Xanthe has various folded joss paper representing items such as:

  • According to Alyssa Wong, a "Spirit Envoy" is a person who delivers goods to people in the Spirit World whose families have forgotten to give them offerings or do not have living relatives in the realm of the living to give them offerings.[4]
  • Xanthe has products (their joss papers) for sale that are offered online to other magic users.[5]
  • Due to being non-binary, their birth name (considered an act of deadnaming if used) no longer holds supernatural power over them.[2]



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