Xanthi was one of the twelve children brought to New Cronus by Rhea to be trained by and act as the successors to the godly legacy of the Titans of Myth as Titan Seeds.

At the age of thirteen, the Seeds were returned to their own worlds and grew to adulthood with implanted false memories to help them acclimate themselves to their own way of life and eventually aid the Titans in the future. Xanthi was returned to Ozyron, where he was shunned by his people because of his gifts, but Xanthi was still willing to use his abilities to harvest acids vital to their survival in the harsh climate of Ozyron. Xanthi had contacted Donna Troy for assistance after a rogue fellow Titan Seed named Sparta went insane and launched a campaign to kill and harvest the powers of the other Titan Seeds. Xanthi died in an attempt to return a fellow Titan Seed, Athyns, to sanity after he was driven mad by the destruction of his home world by Sparta.



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): As a result of her training on New Cronus, Xanthi is well trained to fight with various weapons and in the martial arts
  • Artistry: Xanthi became an accomplished poet as a result of his training in the arts



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