The people of the kingdom of Xebel are a breakaway civilization of Atlanteans who traditionally harbor animosity towards the main kingdom. Two of its princesses, Mera and Hila, were sent to kill Aquaman (Arthur Curry).


Some eons after the fall of Atlantis, Xebel distanced itself to form its own undersea community, one that developed a warlike xenophobia towards their neighboring kingdom and the surface world. Xebel warred with Atlantis for centuries until they were eventually beaten and sentenced to life imprisonment within Dimension Aqua, located within the Bermuda Triangle.[1]

From then on, royalty within their hierarchy treated their long standing hatred of Atlanteans as the basis of their myths and the very reason of being of their race for generations to come.[2] Millennia after their confinement, the king of Xebel sent his daughter Mera out into the world in order to find and assassinate the future king, Orin of Atlantis.[3][4] Instead, Mera fell in love with him, becoming his queen and bride as he took the throne.[5]

With their initial plan having failed, the Xebelians enacted several more plans against the throne through proxies.[6]

Powers and Abilities


  • Xebelian Physiology: Xebelians boast much of the same biophysical augmentations accomodating living in the unfathomable ocean depths as Atlanteans. They have the ability to breathe underwater and survive its crushing depths without injury.[7]
  • Hydrokinesis: A select few among the people of Xebel have the unique ability to bend and twist water into any shape or form they can think of. Many of these people normally require Waterbearers in order to better channel their liquid manipulation abilities.[8] Most members of the Xebelian royal family possess this ability, and those who marry into the royal family are also often granted it.[9]
  • Electrokinesis: A rarer still ability shared among only a few Xebelians is the power to channel a high-voltage electrical current through their bodies.[10] This is made even more effective if they also boast the ability of hydrokinesis to combine it with.[11]



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