The People's Liberation Army trained several Xeno-Teams for rapid response to alien incursion into China. This contingency was adopted following the Invasion! of Earth by an Alien Alliance.

The Qinghai Incident

About 16 years ago, a living Durlan scout ship crash landed within the Kanbula Forest Park in Qinghai Province. The country went to high alert and sent a local PLA patrol into the crash site. They were all murdered by the aliens.

Minister Jiang decided to send in the nearest Xeno-Team, Team Lanzhou of Gansu Province. Minister Jiang ordered Captain Fang Zhifu and his team to capture the Durlan scout ship and at least two of its crew.

Despite serious casualties, Team Lanzhou were able to capture the ship and two Durlans in this suicide mission. The surviving Durlans then changed tactics by transforming into an airborne Alien Bacterial Infection which then invaded the bodies of the Xeno-Team. Despite great agony, Captain Fang and his team were able to inject themselves with a broad spectrum counter-agent that slowed the disease's progress. Captain Fang that called for immediate medevac.

Team Lanzhou was rushed to a special military hospital, where doctors desperately tried to cure the infected soldiers. One by one each member of the Xeno-Team succumbed to the Durlan disease, turning a lifeless, organic soup. Finally, the doctors discover an experimental treatment that destroyed the disease. Thus, they were able to save Captain Fang, the sole survivor of the battle now know as the Qinghai Incident.

Unfortunately, the combination of the Durlan infection and the experimental treatment caused Captain Fang's body to grow rusty metal plates over his skin. Unable to serve the PLA in a convential capacity, Captain Fang was selected by Minister Jiang to be one of China's first "super-functionaries" and was give the code name August Captain in Iron.


Equipment: Each Xeno-Team soldier is equipped with a communicator, body armor, and a helmet that has an infrared vision option.
Transportation: Tiltrotor
Weapons: Each squad is armed with countermeasures to combat a wide variety of potential extraterrestrial adversaries such as Thanagarians, Khund, Dominators, and Durlans

Among these specialised weaponry where:

  • Firearms
  • Grenades
  • Flamethrowers
  • Neural Scramblers
  • Auto- Injector containing a broad-spectrum counteragent to combat extraterrestrial infections


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