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Xenofobe was a Green Lantern of Sector 2814 by the 30th Century era of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Xenofobe participated in a battle between the Green Lantern Corps and the Time Trapper, and escaped back in time to 20th Century Earth before the Trapper absorbed the power rings' collective energies and used them to eliminate his adversaries' entire timeline, in addition to every 30th century timeline except for the tangent known as Earth-AD. To undo the Time Trapper's actions and restore the pruned future timelines to existence, Xenofobe disguised himself as a human super-villain named Father Time and picked a fight with Superman, ostensibly for ownership of his costume. The Man of Steel pulled a ruse on "Father Time" by making a sudden disappearance and letting his nemesis have the costume, a move which Xenofobe anticipated as vital to his plot. Xenofobe knew that Superman would track the location of the costume using the homing beacon of his Justice League Signal Device and deposited the costume in the 30th century of Earth-AD to lure Superman to that period through the time-barrier. Xenofobe planned for Superman to meet his possible future descendant in that timeline, the leader of a tribe of humans named Jaxon, and anticipated that Superman and Jaxon would come to blows over Jaxon's ownership of Superman's costume. The effect of this was to generate enough power for Xenofobe to harness and restore the alternate futures, before pulling Superman back to the 20th century and explaining everything to him.[1]






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