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Xneen Novu is a Maltusian scientist and the wife of Mar Novu, the cosmic being known as the Monitor.

In ancient times, Xneen was born on planet Maltus where she married to to the scientist, Mar Novu. The two Maltusians sought to see the birth of the universe so they began to experiment on time travel, eventually sending Mar Novu to the dawn of time where he was altered by the energies from the Temporal Zone into becoming the cosmic god known as the Monitor.

Later, Xneen somehow died, leaving a void inside Mar Novu.[1]

During the Crisis, after her husband's dark counterpart successfully destroyed the Multiverse, a group of Paragons went back in time to prevent Xneen and Mar Novu from creating the Anti-Monitor.

Lex Luthor stopped Xneen's experiment and knocked her unconscious; later, Supergirl and Ryan Choi prevented Luthor from using Xneen's discoveries for his own purpose but they were unable to stop the two Maltusians from discovering the Antimatter Universe.[2]


  • Xneen Novu was portrayed by Melanie Markosky.