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Xolani, later to be known as the Folded Man, was a low class thief that operated in the Southern part of Africa in the year 1883 until he was time-traveled to the present to oppose the Flash.


In Africa, 1883, while his people slaved away in the diamond mines under European rule, Xolani used the superpowers he mysteriously developed to flatten himself into incredible sizes to steal and hide diamonds from his oppressors. His hope was that they would notice the loss in profits and leave his native land.

Xolani was contacted by the time traveler Eobard Thawne to join him in his mission for a "better future". Though Xolani was initially uninterested, he changed his mind when his city was burned to the ground by the Europeans, killing his wife. Hopeless, Xolani agreed to travel through time with Thawne as "the Folded Man", unaware that Thawne was the one who caused the Europeans to burn his village in the first place.[1]

Acolytes of Zoom

In the 21st Century, the Folded Man was among the Acolytes of Zoom tasked with defeating the Flash in Central City. However, the Flash managed to defeat Zoom and his cronies, and the team dispersed.


Some time later, the Folded Man was invited to join the Legion of Zoom, a group organized by the Reverse-Flash to finally defeat the Flash.[2]


  • Speed Force Conduit[1]
    • Density Control: Xolani was gifted with the power contort his body to unimaginable proportions, being able to becomes as flat as he can imagine himself.
      • Phasing: With his power, the Folded Man can phase through solid objects.
    • Teleportation: Xolani can bend Space-Time to a limited degree in order to traverse great distances in an instant. His effective warp range, in his own words, is too the moon and back.




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