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The Celestial Archer is a member of the Great Ten, China's team of super-functionaries.

As a boy, he lived at the foot of China's most sacred mountain, Mount Tai, selling souvenirs to tourists. But he soaks up the lore of the place and when he discovers the fabled bow of Yi, the Excellent Archer of the gods, he becomes this great hero, charged with the divine task reminding the Chinese of their classical values and culture. Two years after he joined The Great Ten the Chinese gods return and he made his choice by joining them, making him a traitor in the eyes of his former comrades.[1] However, he soon became suspicious that these "gods" were not the genuine article, and tipped the Great Ten off about their whereabouts.[2] Seeking to confirm his suspicions, he led the "gods" to Mount Tai and from there created a bridge to the moon, where he introduced the false gods to his real patron goddess, Xiang-O the Moon Maiden, who revealed to them that they were not true gods. He and the false gods then rejoined the Great Ten in the Gobi desert for their battle with the Taiwanese robot army.[3]



  • Celestial Bow of Yi: With the Bow, Celestial Archer can charge arrows with mystical energy. With these arrows, he can strike a target on the far side of the world, hold off an army, block out the sun or create a bridge to the Moon. The bow gives him the instinctive knowledge to use these powers, as well as to give him unerring aim.


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