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Ya'Wara was a member of the Others.


When Ya'Wara was a little girl her plane crashed in the Amazon Rainforest and she was saved by the Forest Mother. She was given special powers by the Forest Mother so she could protect the forest from people that would attempt to harm it. She became a a member of the Tapirape, an indigenous tribe living on the Amazon Rainforest. She would later go on to join The Others, a group of people who wanted to gather the Seven Artefacts of Atlantis to protect them from getting into the wrong hands. The Others were able to locate the relics after several clashes with Aquaman's enemy Black Manta, each one of them took a relic and went their separate ways, including Ya'Wara who took the Globe of Transportation as her relic.

Reuniting with the Others

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She became aware that Black Manta had killed Kahina, a fellow member of the Others. Believing Stephen Shin had helped Black Manta, she went to his house and attempted to murder him while Aquaman and his wife Mera were visiting Shin. Mera stops her and the two are about fight each other when Aquaman stops them. Ya'Wara informs Aquaman that Kahina is dead and that Black Manta has taken one of the relics of Atlantis.[1]

She and Aquaman agree to investigate about Kahina's death. Although she is still suspicious about Shin, Aquaman reminds Ya'Wara that they need Shin to find the Atlantean relics. They teleport to Brazil, where they find Kahina's corpse. As they agree to warn the Others, Ya'Wara and Aquaman are attacked by Manta's henchmen.[2]

During the fight, one of Manta's henchmen shoots Ya'Wara's jaguar. Enraged, Ya'Wara slaughters the hunters and summons a pair of tigers to eat the last. Aquaman is shocked that Ya'Wara is willing to use lethal force, but Ya'Wara replies that Aquaman enjoyed the heat of battle. Aquaman believes that Ya'Wara is trying to seduce him and reaffirms that he is married, causing Ya'Wara to doubt if Aquaman's change was for the better. Changing the subject, Aquaman exclaims that he made contact with the Others and they will meet again shortly. They both teleport to Germany, where Another, the Prisoner-of-War is located. There, they find Manta chasing after the Prisoner.[3]

As Aquaman fights Manta, Ya'Wara helps the Prisoner. However, Manta stunts Aquaman with his optic laser and steals Ya'Wara's pendant, using it to escape.[4]


  • Animal Empathy and Telepathy: After crashing in the Amazon Rainforest Ya'Wara was given the power to communicate with any living animal telepathically.Ya'Wara has an telepathic connection with her jaguar, and the two are equally effective fighters, as seen during Ya'Wara's brief fight with Mera. Her telepathy also extends to humans, as Aquaman tells Mera that he and Ya'Wara also shared a telepathic connection.[1]



  • Globe of Transportation: Ya'Wara possesses a pendant that allows her to teleport across large distances, as seen when she and Aquaman teleported from United States to Brazil. She can use it to summon the Others as well as her jaguars.


  • Pair of daggers