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Ya'akov ben Shimon is cursed to walk the Earth as the undead superhero Ragman to atone for the sins of his past. He is a member of the League of Shadows, his universe's main team of mystic enforcers.

Ya'akov ben Shimon was a Hebrew slave in Ancient Egypt, forced to build pyramids for the Pharaohs. One day he was able to slip away from the work site, abandoning his wife and infant child as he did so. Using a suit of stolen clothes he assumed the identity of an Egyptian named Amun. He was able to befriend a man named Seti, whose connections allowed him to get a position in the Pharaoh’s palace. When the Pharaoh died, Amun was chosen to be mummified alongside him, however the Gods of Egypt would not allow him to enter the afterlife.[1]

Ya’akov appealed to the Hebrew God, who condemned him to a penance for renouncing his faith and abandoning his people and family to their suffering. He would walk the Earth for eons protecting the innocent, until the lives he had saved outweighed those he had allowed to die for his own selfish gain.[1]


  • Magic: As a result of his curse, Ragman is gifted with mystical abilities. He can control the bandages he is wrapped in as a weapon. He can also open pathways to the Underworld realms like Hades and control its monsters.[1]
  • Immortality: Ya'akov is cursed to walk the Earth until he makes up for his sins by saving the lives of others.[1]



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